KLANN Packaging GmbH Runs Core Workflows in the Cloud with Effektif

Written by Katharina Clauberg | 2 min read
Published on: June 23rd 2015 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020

Customer reference story

"Effektif won us over with its intuitive interface and functionality. Our colleagues can easily create workflows independently and thus significantly accelerate our processes and improve our coordination."

Andreas Hofer, Production Planning, KLANN Packaging GmbH.

Quick communication and professional approval procedures

With the manufacturing of bespoke and high-quality packaging tinboxes made from tin plate and aluminium, the KLANN Packaging GmbH has earned itself an important position in the packaging market. For the automation of business processes, the company uses the web-based workflow engine, Effektif.

Until now, much time and personnel expenditure was needed to be able to coordinate orders between the KLANN Packaging Team and their supplier. With the introduction of Effektif, important internal and external processes, such as the order procedure and the reconciliation of print data, are performed by the intuitive workflow solution.

Thanks to Effektif, all participants can exchange communication significantly more quickly, and approval procedures are conducted professionally with the supplier. In addition, the direct exchange of files in Effektif facilitates collaborative work on and with commercial documents.

Easy exchange of information and individual user authorisations

When searching for a suitable workflow solution, besides the entire support of business process management, the easy exchange of information, as well as the possibility to assign individual user authorisations, were key points of focus for KLANN Packaging GmbH.

KLANN Packaging GmbH made a conscious decision to work with the Software-As-A-Service solution because it offers employees an easy introduction to process automation without requiring extensive administration expenditure. Thanks to the intuitive interface, even business users without IT knowledge can quickly and easily define and execute their own workflows. However, the company also appreciates the extensive functions offered by the tool especially for developers. With Effektif, colleagues from business departments and the IT-field at KLANN Packaging GmbH can work together in one platform without difficulty.

In the future, KLANN is aiming to extend the use of Effektif to realize and optimize further business processes.


Published on: June 23rd 2015 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020