§ 1 Information about the collection of personal data

(1) This privacy policy informs you about our collection of personal data when using our website. Personal data is all data that is personally traceable to you, e.g. your name, address, email addresses and user behavior. When this policy refers to “data”, that includes personal data.

(2) “We” are Signavio GmbH, Kurfürstenstraße 111, 10787 Berlin, Germany (email: info@signavio.com (see also our imprint). In this context, we are the controller according to Art. 4 section 7 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU).
Our Data Protection Officer can be reached at dataprotection@signavio.com or our postal address with the additional line “Attn: Data Protection Officer “.

§ 2 Your rights

(1) You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Right of access according to Art. 15 GDPR,
  • Right to rectification or erasure to Art. 16 u. 17 GDPR,
  • Right to restriction of processing according to Art. 18 GDPR,
  • Right to data portability according to Art. 20 GDPR,
  • Right to object to the processing according to Art. 21 GDPR.

(2) You also have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the unlawful processing of your personal data by us.

§ 3 Collection of personal data when visiting our website

(1) Informational use: Informational use means using our website to find out more about our products. Therefore, if you do not register for one of our free trials or webinars, or otherwise submit information to us, we will only collect the information your browser sends to our server. In that case, we will collect the following data, which is necessary for us to both display our website and to ensure its stability and security (legal basis is Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. f GDPR):

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system
  • Referring URL
  • Time of server request
  • IP address

(2) Signavio Products: The use of our online applications, in particular “Signavio Process Manager SaaS”, “Signavio Collaboration Hub SaaS”, “Signavio Workflow Accelerator SaaS” and “Signavio Process Intelligence”, hereinafter referred to as “Signavio Products”, requires registration, which requires the entry of the following data: name, full address, email address, telephone number, company name. Additional entries are not mandatory and marked as such.
For continuous improvement of Signavio products, we use software from TrackJS, LLC (http://www.trackjs.com) for error analysis. As a result, it records what actions a user has performed in Signavio Products, but does not store IP addresses or other personal information. In addition, we create pseudonymised usage profiles for the purpose of customizing Signavio products.
We reserve the right to use “Microsoft Bing Translate”, which is an automatic translation feature, in Signavio products. Within Signavio products, this is an optional feature that requires your explicit prior activation. If this functionality remains disabled at your own discretion, there will be no involvement of “Microsoft Bing Translate” and no data will be transferred to Microsoft Corporation in this regard. By activating “Microsoft Bing Translate”, you agree that your data will be transmitted to and used by Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, US servers. Use of the Service is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Microsoft Corporation.
If you use Signavio Products, which are offered online, the location of the server on which your data is being stored is based on the following criteria: (i) If your registration for the Signavio Products takes place under the URL https://editor.signavio.com/ or https://workflow.signavio.com/, your data is being stored within Germany; (ii) If your registration takes place under the URL https://app-us.signavio.com/ or https://workflow-us.signavio.com/, your data is being stored within the United States of America; (iiii) If your registration takes place under the URL https://app-au.signavio.com/ or https://workflow-au.signavio.com/, your data is being stored within Australia; (iv) After successful registration under any of the aforementioned URLs, your data will remain stored on the respective server in Germany or in the United States of America at any time. Any transfer of your data to a server in another country will take place exclusively upon your explicit request.

(3) Use of other offers: In addition to the purely informational use of our website and the use of Signavio products via our website, we offer various services that you can use if you are interested. These include registration for webinars, requests for contact or requests for downloads, among others. To use these services, you will usually need to provide additional personal information which we will use to provide the service and for marketing purposes. These include your name, email address, and/or telephone number.

§ 4 Use of cookies:

(1) Cookies: In addition to the data mentioned in this privacy policy, cookies are also stored on your computer when you use our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard disk and give certain information to the website operator (in this case Signavio). Cookies cannot run programs or transmit viruses to your computer. They serve to make the Internet overall more user-friendly and effective.
This website uses the following types of cookies, the scope and operation of which are explained below: (i) Transient cookies: Transient cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. These include in particular session cookies which are used when you visit the website. These store a so-called session ID, with which various requests from your browser can be assigned to a common session. This will allow your computer to be recognized when you return to our website. Session cookies are deleted when you close the browser; (ii) Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a specified period of time, which may vary depending on the cookie. You can delete these cookies in the security settings of your browser at any time.

(2) Used Cookies:

Cookie Name Service Duration Type Description
_hssc Hubspot 30 min Persistent This cookie is used to keep track of sessions, number of page views and timestamp.
_hssrc Hubspot Session duration Transient This cookie is set whenever a new session is started. This serves to determine if the user has started a new session.
_hstc Hubspot 2 years Persistent This is the main HubSpot cookie. It contains information about the user (identified by an unique identifier). It stores domains, timestamps and numbers of sessions.
hs-messages-is-openHubspot Hubspot 30 min Persistent This cookie is used to determine whether the chat widget is open for future visits.
hs-messages-hide-welcome-message Hubspot 1 day Persistent This cookie prevents welcome message in chat widget from appearing again when dismissed.
messagesUtkHubspot Hubspot 2 years Persistent This cookie is used to recognize visitors who chat with you via the message tool and it’s used to load conversation history when they return to the website.
hubspotutk Hubspot 10 years Persistent This cookie contains a user unique identifier, its value gets checked on form submission to avoid duplication of contacts.
_sgnv_current_lang Internal 1 year Persistent This cookie is used to store the language selected by the user. This cookie is updated every time the user selects a different language on the website.
_sgnv_detected_country_code Internal Session duration Transient This cookie is used to store the information related to the country user belongs to, this is made starting from user’s IP.
_sgnv_usr_lang Internal 1 day Persistent This cookie is used to store first language initially chosen by the user according to browser language settings.
_sgnv_usr_loc Internal 1 day Persistent This cookie stores information about the user’s location and it is used to serve content related to that.
SL_C_23361dd035530_KEY Smartlook 2 years Persistent Project key.
SL_C_23361dd035530_SID Smartlook 2 years Persistent Session ID, that is assigned to each new session that is being recorded.
SL_C_23361dd035530_VID Smartlook 2 years Persistent Visitor ID, assigned to each new visitor.
_gat Google Analytics 1 minute Persistent This cookie is used to throttle request rate.
_ga Google Analytics 2 years Persistent This cookie is used Used to distinguish users.
_gid Google Analytics 1 day Persistent This cookie is used Used to distinguish users.
_pk_id.2.cc16 Matomo 1 year Persistent This cookie is used to keep track of the user’s visits.
_pk_ses.2.cc16 Matomo 30 min Persistent This cookie is used to keep track of the user’s visits.
JSESSIONID Jira Session duration Transient This is Jira’s session cookie.
seraph.rememberme.cookie Jira 14 days Persistent This cookie recognizes your login details when clicking the remember me box.
atlassian.xsrf.token Jira Session duration Transient Helps prevent XSRF attacks. Ensures that during a user’s session, browser requests sent to a Jira server originated from that Jira server.

(3) When using Signavio Products more cookies will be stored to provide all functions of our software. To prevent the storage of such cookies please adjust your browser settings accordingly.

(4) Opt-out: You can prevent the third-party cookies mentioned in the table above from being stored in the future by placing an opt-out request. Click on the “Opt-out from all tracking” button at the following link: https://www.signavio.com/optout.php. Your opt-out request will set an opt-out cookie in your browser. This serves solely to assign your opt-out request and prevents us from storing cookies on your computer in the future. If you delete the cookie or use another browser or device, please click on the “Opt-out from all tracking” button again.
In addition, you can configure your browser setting according to your wishes and decline acceptance of either third-party cookies or all cookies. You also have the option to delete previously stored cookies. Please be aware that in these cases you may not be able to use all features of this website or the Signavio Products. We point out, however, that in this case you may not be able to use all the functions of this website or the Signavio Products in full . Among other things, disabling cookies will prevent you from using the chat feature SnapEngage.

§ 5 Analysis and Marketing

(1) External service provider: We sometimes use external service providers to process your data. In accordance with legal requirements, these providers were carefully selected and commissioned by us, are bound by our instructions and are regularly inspected. Furthermore, we may pass on your personal data to third parties if we offer contracts, events or similar services together with our partners. In this case, you will receive further information regarding the processing of your data.
Insofar as our service providers or partners are based in a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will inform you about this fact in this Privacy Policy.
The following external service providers support us in processing your data:

(2) Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google reCAPTCHA: This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, text files which are stored on your computer and which enable you to carry out an analysis of the use of the website. The information obtained through the cookie concerning your use of this website will be typically transmitted to Google’s servers in the US and stored there. Signavio has activated the option for IP address anonymization provided by Google. As a result, your IP address will be shortened to the last 8 bits within countries that are members of the European Union, or in other contracting countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to Google’s servers in the US and shortened there.
On behalf of the website operator, Google will use this information in order to evaluate your use of the website so as to compile reports concerning website activities and in order to render further services associated with website and Internet use for the website operator. The IP address transmitted by your browser for the use of Google Analytics will not be used in connection with other Google data.
You may prevent storage of cookies through your browser settings or via the opt-out function provided above; nevertheless we want to draw your attention to the fact that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of this website to their full extent.
Additionally, you can prevent Google from capturing data on your use of this website (incl. your IP address) by downloading and installing the Browser plugin at the following link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.
We use Google Analytics with the extension “_anonymizeIp ()”. As a result, IP addresses are processed in their shortened form, meaning that personally identifying information will be excluded. Insofar as the data collected about you is assigned a personal reference, it will be immediately excluded and the personal data will be deleted immediately.

We use Google Analytics to analyze and regularly improve the use of our website. With these statistics we can improve our offerings and make them more interesting for you as a user. For the exceptional cases in which personal information is transferred to the US, Google has submitted to the EU-US Privacy Shield, https://www.privacyshield.gov/EU-US Framework. The legal basis for the use of Google Analytics is Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. f GDPR.

Third-party information: Google Dublin, Google Ireland Ltd., Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, Fax: +353 (1) 436 1001. Terms of Use: https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html, Privacy Policy: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en, and the Privacy Policy: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy.

Furthermore, the service “Google Tag Manager” is used for an improved administration of the other services listed herein. Neither does Google Tag Manager collect additional data, nor does it store additional cookies.

We use “Google reCAPTCHA” (hereinafter “reCAPTCHA”) on our websites. This service is provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”).
reCAPTCHA is used to check whether the data entered on our website (such as on a contact form) has been entered by a human or by an automated program. To do this, reCAPTCHA analyzes the behavior of the website visitor based on various characteristics. This analysis starts automatically as soon as the website visitor enters the website. For the analysis, reCAPTCHA evaluates various information (e.g. IP address, how long the visitor has been on the website, or mouse movements made by the user). The data collected during the analysis will be forwarded to Google.
The reCAPTCHA analyses take place completely in the background. Website visitors are not advised that such an analysis is taking place.
Data processing is based on Art. 6 (1) (f) DSGVO. The website operator has a legitimate interest in protecting its site from abusive automated crawling and spam.
For more information about Google reCAPTCHA and Google’s privacy policy, please visit the following links: https://www.google.com/intl/de/policies/privacy/ and https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/.

(3) Hubspot: Hubspot, Inc. (“HubSpot”) products and services are used on this website for marketing and optimization purposes. In turn, cookies are stored on your computer that allow us to analyze your use of this website. The information generated by cookies about your use of this website may also be transmitted to a HubSpot server outside the EU and stored there. Personal data will only be collected if you complete forms on this website. In this case, in addition to the data you enter yourself, your IP address will also be saved. HubSpot, Inc. has a Privacy Shield certification issued by the US Department of Commerce to ensure proper security arrangements for the transfer of personal data between the EU and the US.
The storage of cookies and the exchange of data with Hubspot can be prevented by enrolling in the opt-out option provided above.
Third Party Information: Hubspot Inc. 25 First Street, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA 02141 United States. Privacy Policy: https://legal.hubspot.com/privacy-policy.

(4) Matomo: Matomo is used for analysis purposes on this website. Through the statistics obtained from this service, we can improve our offerings and make them more interesting for you as a user. The legal basis for the use of Matomo is Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. f GDPR.
We use Matomo with the extension “AnonymizeIP”. As a result, IP addresses are processed in their shortened form, meaning that personally identifying information will be excluded. The IP address transmitted by Matomo from your browser will not be merged with other data collected by us. For this evaluation, cookies (see above) are stored on your computer. The information collected in this way is stored exclusively on a server hosted by us in Germany not data is transferred to Matomo. You can adjust the amount of data we collect by deleting existing cookies and preventing the storage of cookies. If you prevent the storage of cookies, we point out that you may not be able to use this website to the fullest extent. You can prevent cookie storage by adjusting your browser settings.

(5) GoToWebinar: To provide webinars, we use GoToWebinar, a service of LogMeIn, Inc. When you register for one of our webinars, you submit your login information to LogMeIn, Inc. LogMeIn, Inc. is responsible for this service and associated data transfer. LogMeIn is headquartered in the US and maintains a global infrastructure. The data collected can be transferred to, stored, and processed on servers in the United States and other countries around the world. LogMeIn has also submitted to the EU-US Privacy Shield.
More information can be found at: https://www.logmeininc.com/en/legal/privacy. LogMeIn, Inc. 333 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210 United States.

(6) Atlassian: We use Jira, a service by Atlassian Pty Ltd, to provide a service portal for the coordination and handling of customer inquiries. Therefore, if you use our support services we process your email address and name. In the course of this, we use cookies which are mentioned in the table above. All data is stored on a server in Germany which is hosted by us and no data is transferred to Atlassian.

(7) Smartlook: For analysis purposes, we use Smartlook. Through this service, we can gather anonymous evaluations regarding user’s behaviour and therefore, we are able to improve our offerings.
For this evaluation, cookies (see above) are stored on your computer. The information collected in this way is stored by Smartlook exclusively on a server hosted within the EU.
The storage of cookies and the exchange of data with Smartlook can be prevented by enrolling in the opt-out option provided above.

(8) LinkedIn:In order to display individual advertisings on the networking portal LinkedIn’s websites and to get an analysis of user’s behaviour on our website, we use the service “LinkedIn Insight Tag”. Hereby, different types of data regarding type and duration of a website visit are collected, however only IP-addresses are personal data amongst the collected data. This service exclusively applies to users which are registered users of LinkedIn services.

§ 6 Emails from Signavio

(1) Emails: With your consent, you can sign up to receive our newsletter with up-to-date contributions and offers, as well as other interesting emails regarding Signavio’s products.
(2) Double-Opt-In: To register for our newsletter, we use the so-called double-opt-in procedure. This means that after you have registered, we will send an email to the email address specified in which we ask you to confirm that you wish to receive the newsletter.
(3) Obligatory disclosures: To receive the newsletter, enter your email address, your name, and your country. After your confirmation, we will store this data for the purpose of sending you the newsletter. The legal basis is Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. a GDPR.
(4) Revocation: You can revoke your consent to receiving our newsletter or unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. You can make the cancellation as described in each newsletter, or by sending a message to dataprotection@signavio.com.
(5) Note that we evaluate your user behavior when sending the newsletter. For this evaluation, the emails sent include so-called web beacons or tracking pixels that represent one-pixel image files stored on our website. For the evaluations, we link the data mentioned in § 3 and the web beacons with your email address and an individual ID. As part of this, we record when you read our newsletters, which links you click on and determine your personal interests. We then link this data with actions you have taken on our website.
You can object to this tracking at any time by informing us via the contact provided below.

§ 7 Opposition or revocation against the processing of your data

You can revoke your consent to having your data processed at any time. Likewise, you may object to our processing of your personal data for advertising and data analysis at any time. You can send us your concerns by sending an email to dataprotection@signavio.com.

Version: November 5th, 2018