With Signavio Process Intelligence, you can make better decisions faster. Analyzing the big data generated from your processes allows you to see the gaps and variants between the intended business process and the operating technical processes.

Do you need Signavio Process Intelligence?

If you have asked:

  • Why are my processes not working like they should?
  • How can I evaluate the vast amounts of data influencing my processes?
  • How can I make process improvements across the board?

Then Signavio Process Intelligence can help. Signavio Process Intelligence enables you to automatically mine process models from one or multiple currently running systems. Continuous monitoring of end to end processes provides insight into potential risks and ongoing improvement opportunities.

Endless Potential with Signavio Process Intelligence

Signavio Process Intelligence allows you to:

  • Automatically capture and visualize technical processes through advanced process mining
  • Compare and visualize differences between “As-Intended” and “As-Implemented” processes
  • Connect technical process models with business process models
  • Analyze for bottleneck, variance, and compliance issues
  • Compare processes running in different locations or offices
  • Target and prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Deliver live process dashboards for continuous performance monitoring

As part of Signavio Business Transformation Suite, Signavio Process Intelligence integrates perfectly with Signavio Process Manager and is accessible from the Signavio Collaboration Hub. Once you’ve documented your processes with Signavio Process Manager, it’s easy to analyze them using Signavio Process Intelligence. You can gain actionable insights that enable you to constantly improve processes—leading to more efficient practices and better decision making.