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Digital continues to redefine many aspects of the consumer products industry and shows no sign of slowing down. It has already transformed how companies communicate with and sell to consumers, how they use data, and improve operational responsiveness. But to become a true digital performance leader, companies should continuously understand, improve, and transform business and customer processes. Plus, to further thrive through whatever challenges and opportunities arise, companies should aim for process and data transparency coupled with team collaboration at scale.
Consumer products: Making Sustainability Profitable

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Hochland: How Can a Focus on Process and Users Help Teams Contribute to a Vital ERP Transformation?

“SAP S/4HANA and SAP Signavio solutions created transparency across operational processes and systems, as well as their synergies. The solutions have shown that there is plenty of optimization potential not just in individual areas but also across departments.” Alexander Neumaier, Project Manager BPM, Hochland SE read the customer story >

Benefits of SAP Signavio solutions

Transformation at scale
Better understand, proactively manage, and optimize business processes to achieve the agility needed for successful change at scale. Realize transformation in an agile and holistic way for better business outcomes to unlock new efficiencies, cost savings, and margin increases.
Collaborative improvements
Collaborate on, model, and simulate new processes to determine how to maximize efficiency, such as through process automation helping build a more cost-effective supply chain and business. Put people at the heart of change for improved transformation buy-in.
Improved customer journeys
Understand, improve, and transform the way customers engage with your business, translating experience and process mining into operational reality. Make positive impacts on the cash conversion lifecycle with reduced returned orders and increased inventory turnover.

Use cases for consumer products

Collaborative frameworks
Profit from a collaborative framework that brings IT and business teams together, with visibility on “as-is” status and what exactly needs to be changed from a business perspective. Model processes and customer journeys collaboratively for improved stakeholder experiences, improving timeline adherence across projects.
Accelerate time to market
Accelerate coherent, innovation cycles by establishing a process and customer-led mindset enterprise-wide. Deliver a continuous improvement approach to business transformation while maintaining compliant processes throughout the evolution of the intelligent enterprise.
Unlock automation opportunities
Reduce manual errors while improving productivity with rapid automated reactions. Boost productivity and teamwork by freeing up staff to deliver optimized outcomes. Gain improved operational efficiency with data-led insights and clear accountability, ensuring processes function as they should.

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