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Signavio Release Box Image

Version 10.9.0 (SaaS) up and running!

This release is packed full of tweaks to make your modelling career simpler and more efficient!

The Signavio Platform

Titles and descriptions of custom attributes can now be managed in multiple languages, meaning management of your processes across geographies is even easier than before.

We’ve beefed up security (which was already very secure). Now if a user enters an incorrect password five times, they will be invited to enter a captcha. After ten consecutive failed attempts the account will be … more

Signavio Release Box Image

Version 10.8 is up and running on

Check out the new features, changes, and bug fixes in version 10.8 below.


  • It is now even easier to keep models organized. When a diagram is automatically published by an approval workflow, the name of the workflow is now displayed as part of the publishing information in the Collaboration Portal.
  • We’ve also turbo charged the Collaboration Portal so your models load much faster.

New/improved functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • You can now include DMN diagram … more

Technology Fast 50 Competition: 14th place for Signavio!

On the 8th of November, Signavio secured 14th place at the Technology Fast 50 2016. The winners were chosen at a gala prize ceremony in Frankfurt am Main.

Every year, the award recognizes the fastest growing businesses of the technology sector for their business achievements. We’re delighted to have placed for the third year in a row following the 2014 and 2015 awards. With Signavio Process Intelligence, the brand new solution for data-based process analysis, Signavio is on the best … more

Singapore skyline

Signavio APAC Team to Host First BPM Breakfast in Singapore

Signavio’s APAC Team is pleased to announce our first Business Process Management Breakfast in Singapore event.

Attendees will be treated to a mouth-watering breakfast and spectacular view from the 20th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. As they enjoy their morning meal and coffee, Signavio CEO and international BPM expert  Dr Gero Decker will share his experience and insight into how BPM, and BPM software, can enable businesses to adapt with speed and agility to new market opportunities, as … more

Press Release: BPM leader Signavio launches Process Mining solution

Signavio Process Intelligence was developed with the support of KPMG. Process Analytics Factory acted as an experienced Process Mining sounding board for Signavio. With the launch of this product, Signavio takes the next step in Business Process Management and provides an innovative path to real-time process analytics. By combining business process analysis with big data, organizations are now able to:

  • Get detailed insights into how processes actually perform
  • Detect and visualize compliance violations
  • Optimize business processes by applying big data … more

Signavio Process Intelligence has arrived!

Signavio Process Intelligence provides access to extensive data to optimize your processes. You can now investigate and compare the performance of your processes with the help of all the intelligence underpinning your business processes.

Signavio Process Intelligence accesses real data from ERP and CRM systems, which have been difficult to use for analysis until now. Visual representation of the data directly in the new solution enables an unrivaled comparison of current and target processes and highlights weaknesses in processes for … more

Signavio Release Box Image

Version 10.7 (SaaS) is up and running on editor and app-us!

More fresh updates from the Signavio development floor!

Signavio Platform

  • You can now configure which attribute visualization layers should be available in the Collaboration Portal. This gives you even greater control of exactly what information is available to users, increasing clarity.
  • You can now define a custom welcome message for the Collaboration Portal’s ‘Home’ page. This is another step to truly making your organization’s Collaboration Portal reflect your brand and values.

Signavio Process Editor

  • The Signavio Process Editor … more

Meet the team - Signavio welcomes its 25th HPI graduate

Signavio’s foundations lie in the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam. As illustrated by the following news, our collaboration with the institute remains strong.

Signavio welcomes its 25th HPI graduate into the team

Signavio is constantly growing and we are delighted to be expanding our Development Team with a new member.

On the 1st of August 2016, Christian Schwarz became the 25th graduate of the prestigious Hasso Plattner Institute to work at Signavio. As a former working student and research assistant at … more

Signavio Release Box Image

Version 10.6.0 (SaaS) is up and running!

New features, updates, and bug fixes for you this month, hot off the Signavio Development floor!

The Platform:

  • It is now possible to set expiration dates for approvals of a model. When one expires, a new approval workflow will be started – meaning models are always tightly controlled – nothing gets overlooked.
  • The design of the dictionary has been updated, to make managing your company’s internal terminology simpler and easier, to ensure you’re all speaking the same language.
  • You … more

Signavio Workflow 3.11 & 3.12 (SaaS) releases

Recent releases from the Signavio Workflow team, as part of Signavio Workflow’s regular update schedule

As mentioned in the 10.2 release announcement, Signavio Business Decision Manager users can now execute business rules in Signavio Workflow, by linking a BPMN 2.0 process model to a DMN 1.1 business rules model. Rules execution isn’t the only thing that’s new in Signavio Workflow.

Product updates

The recent Signavio Workflow 3.11 (SaaS) release introduces several major new features that give you new ways to … more