Process AI:
Generative AI for the process world

Stay tuned to learn how AI can help you get instant answers to your most complex process questions, and drive change fast.

Process AI

Understand and transform every aspect of your business

  • Built in

    As a part of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, and available across our products, our upcoming built-in AI capabilities will answer your questions and provide you with recommendations directly in the context of your processes.

  • Relevant to you

    We provide you with results that are tailored to your business by combining the power of generative AI with SAP’s 50 years of industry insights and business process expertise. All this is compiled into a large process model (LPM) and the context of your business data.

  • Responsible and trustworthy

    We aim to help ensure greater security, data privacy, and accessibility for our customers. We are building our AI services with leading ethics and high data privacy standards, including European privacy compliance as well as SAP internal requirements and guidelines for AI ethics that go beyond what is required by law.

Unveiling our next AI offering: Process AI

We’re designing Process AI to help you reduce time to insight and move even faster from process insights to solutions that are built on collective intelligence.

Unveiling Process AI from SAP Signavio Solutions

The ultimate process recommendation engine for your business

  • Catch the wave of large process models (LPM)

    We go far beyond the traditional large language models (LLMs) to focus on their application to the process world. Process AI, our generative AI process recommendation engine, builds on large process models (LPM). It’ll have the exceptional ability to answer your specific process questions and help you uncover issues you were not aware of.

  • Catch the wave of large process models (LPM)
  • Looking to answer your most complex process questions

    Stay tuned to learn how AI can accelerate the discovery of process issues and predict the impact of process improvements and automations. Effortlessly ask questions such as: “Where is my biggest process problem in procurement?” “Which plant performs the best, and what are the main parameters to improve performance?” “How can I improve my cycle times?” You’ll receive rapid answers targeted to your specific questions.

  • Looking to answer your most complex process questions
  • Boosting your process improvement efforts

    Process AI will act as your trusted advisor, answering your questions and providing you with ready-to-consume AI-powered recommendations you can apply right away to drive process enhancements. It’ll never be easier to achieve faster insights, transform, and innovate continuously.

  • Boosting your process improvement efforts
  • Seize the opportunity with SAP Signavio solutions

    We plan to offer you the opportunity to profit from the knowledge of collective intelligence of thousands of our customers. Our large process model (LPM) is trained on SAP’s unique and deep knowledge of process models, benchmarks, performance data, customer-specific data and more.

  • Seize the opportunity with SAP Signavio solutions