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Automotive industry

With changing customer preferences, the automotive industry needs to develop new business models, gain efficiencies to drive innovation, and transform mission-critical systems with reduced business risk. And all this must be done in lockstep with improved customer journeys and running a profitable business. In fact, as the main priorities for the industry also shift toward mobility services, connected vehicles, digital supply chains, smart factories, and sustainable methods, your business needs new approaches to continuous improvement.

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General Motors Proves SAP Signavio Delivers Efficiencies, Insights. ASUG News + Views article

“We are using SAP Signavio solutions for enabling transformation and improved governance through global process ownership.” Melissa Antovski, Global Process Transformation Manager, General Motors Co. read the article >

Benefits of SAP Signavio solutions

Improved Performance
Run a process-centric strategy that accelerates the journey to digital transformation, operational excellence, and customer centricity for overall experience improvements in interaction, products, and pre- and post-sales services.
Upgraded business models
Implement new business models and collaboratively design and implement business processes and IT solutions that support integrated and flexible mobility needs. Include internal and external stakeholders and maximize the customer experience.
Process and operational optimization
Optimize processes with analysis, benchmarking, and prepackaged recommendations. Reduce inventory stock levels and costs by understanding the flow of goods through data analysis and improvement recommendations.

Use cases for automotive

Customer experience
Improve operational perspectives by looking towards the customer. Put vital customer-centric process views at the heart of your operations to identify contact points, and drive process improvement by understanding exactly how people experience your company. Build a process improvement mindset built on customer excellence mandates.
Operational upgrades
Standardize processes at scale, including different business units and geographic locations. Assess the usefulness of the company back-end legacy systems and update them where appropriate. Connect technology with monetary value, so you earn more by streamlining operations via improved business and IT alignment.
Sustainable and circular business
Design and implement new processes collaboratively to support circularity reuse and disposal or remote servicing. Better ensure compliance with international environment, social, and governance (ESG) regulations by managing processes, and understand the sustainability and environmental footprint of a process by using emission data.

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General Motors Proves SAP Signavio Delivers Efficiencies, Insights
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