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Take control of your business processes with a comprehensive and intuitive modeling platform.

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Best-practice process modeling

SAP Signavio Process Manager is an intuitive and comprehensive modeling platform for business process management (BPM) that enables organizations to capture, improve, and maintain their business processes, fast and at scale.

What can I achieve with the product?

  • Model business process​es
  • Simulate and compare processes
  • Outline process interconnections
  • Create shared understanding​
  • Create process reports
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Hear our customers

Ocean Network Express: Unifying disparate business processes into a single intelligent platform

“SAP Signavio solutions helped us implement a solid business process management strategy as part of our digital transformation. This strategy is now an integral part of how we do business today and manage our future business demands.” Olaf Brecheisen, Deputy General Manager Offshore Management, Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd Read the customer story >

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Process Manager

Increase transparency of process landscape
Reduce operational ambiguity with a single source for recording and maintaining processes. Reach ​common understanding and full alignment from day one by leveraging the capability of the solution to provide explanations and guidance for stakeholders and employees.
Lead to process excellence
Define processes and manage process performance, detecting and eliminating any inefficiencies. Bring process excellence to a new level decreasing costs, increasing efficiency and improving areas that matter most and have the biggest impact​.​
Improve process compliance
Ease process compliance requirements by establishing and documenting standard processes, conventions, and regulations and enabling faster identification of noncompliant processes.​
Increase business development agility
Drive transformation agility, innovate and improve your processes to grow sustainably​ by making processes responsive to the changes.

Why choose SAP Signavio Process Manager

Collaborative and easier process modeling
Capture input throughout and outside your organization. Leverage multiple process modeling notations and a variety of process attributes to collaboratively design your business processes.
Automatic validation of modeling regulations
Utilize highly configurable process modeling conventions with real-time warnings, hints, and error messages which help you design your processes based on best practices.
Process documentation and reporting
Increase process compliance by generating a range of process-related reports ​to gain an overview of the repository along with usage, analytics, governance, and risk reports.
Clear understanding of the impact of potential change
Foresee future state processes with process simulation capabilities, and understand how a given change would impact process outcomes. Reach faster organizational buy-in and de-risk your transformation projects.

Explore SAP Signavio Process Manager in detail

Model processes collaboratively across the entire organization

Take advantage of easier and comprehensive process modeling for process professionals as well as business users that don’t have Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) knowledge. Model processes using drag-and-drop features for elements, automatically position elements, and reuse items from a central repository. Compare process models and model revisions, track down changes, and improve your process excellence. Allow a simplification of process models for different roles by using overlays. Show and hide necessary attributes. Feedback and comment on entire processes or specific tasks and share process diagrams instantly to gather feedback across the organization.
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