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Process Manager

Signavio Process Manager is an intuitive BPM solution, connecting your processes to upgraded customer journeys, faster response times, and improved efficiency.
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Signavio Process Manager

Innovative web technology

You might have some sense of the processes your business uses to get things done, but are they the best they can be? Do they involve the right people? What resources do they use? The answers to these questions can be the secret to success, helping you optimize your business and delight your customers.

Intuitive process modeling

Capture, connect and communicate

Whether you want to create current-state documentation or target concepts, Signavio Process Manager is your best choice for process modeling. Thanks to innovative web technology, you can get started right away and include your colleagues in collaborative design. Signavio Process Manager empowers you to capture, design, and improve your business processes and share insights across the Suite.

Leverage the future of processes

Signavio Process Manager is a modern solution designed to leverage the interfaces, devices, and working practices of today with the future of your business in mind. It offers all the features of a cutting-edge professional process and decision modeling tool, including interactive what-if simulation, process sharing, and a test lab for decisions.

Upgraded customer journeys

Signavio was the world’s first process management provider to combine customer journeys with process management. Now, our Aragon Hot Vendor award-winning customer journey technology allows users to quickly and easily visualize the way customers interact with their business from an outside-in perspective.

The bigger customer picture

Bringing this big picture into even sharper resolution is customer journeys and custom images (SVGs). This new feature enables you to incorporate your own brand identity into process models, empowering your staff and colleagues to suggest improvements in a more collaborative and personal environment. This powerful collaboration is further powered by the cooperative agility of Signavio Process Manager and Collaboration Hub. The contextual system codifies and shares relevant information to identify and prioritize specific initiatives that can lead to the design and delivery of experiences your customers want, and deserve.

Overarching technical experience

Process modeling with Signavio Process Manager combines technical depth with a refreshingly modern and easy-to-use interface, putting your organization on the path to business excellence and turbocharged customer delight. Use the share functionality to instantly share modeling feedback, reviews, and comments across the Suite effectively. Plus, with one click, you can now create new tasks acrosss BPMN, CJM, and Process Intelligence.

The Velocity Edition

Signavio Process Manager Welcome Screen

Next-level process understanding

Clearly see and understand what is happening with your processes and how operations interact and overlap within your company. Set new standards in process management with defined and visually appealing constructs. A better understanding of processes can make them more reliable and reduce inappropriate or unintended variation. Unleash the power of process… at the speed of Live Insights.


The 'Share' button

Enable your workforce by empowering the flow of models through the Suite. Use the share functionality to instantly share modeling feedback, reviews, and comments across the Suite, simply and effectively. This is the revolution in model creation and collaboration.

PM - Connect with CJM

Connect with the customer

Drive processes with widgets in the Hub, and see the way customers interact with your business through customer journeys. Easily track and monitor your single source of truth for end-to-end transparency and outside-in perspectives. Better understand the value of connecting customer journeys with underlying business processes to deliver consistently great customer experiences.

Provides an easy way to make new processes visible and understandable to the organization
Gottfried Koch, Director at Coca Cola European Partners

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Signavio Process Manager captures, connects, and communicates how work is done and where decisions are made across the Suite. The solution seamlessly shares intelligent operational processes and models, allowing you to streamline business and create new workflows—helping align consistency and efficiency across enterprises.
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Signavio Process Manager