SAP Signavio Process Manager

Seize the power of process with an intuitive and comprehensive modeling platform

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Best-practice process modeling

SAP Signavio Process Manager offers intuitive, cloud-based, professional process modeling. The comprehensive solution enables organizations to document, model, design, and simulate processes, as well as outline their interconnection to create a shared understanding with increased performance at scale.

SAP Sapphire 2023: Future innovations - Generative AI for process modelling
SAP Sapphire 2023: Future innovations
Generative AI for process modelling


With SAP Signavio Process Manager, you can:

number 1
Model processes collaboratively
number 2
Validate modeling regulations automatically
number 3
Better align process with organizational strategy
number 4
Implement a transformation process at scale
number 5
Report and document current process infrastructure
number 6
Make processes more sustainable

Features in detail:

Model processes collaboratively across the entire organization

Take advantage of easier and comprehensive process modeling for process professionals as well as business users that don’t have Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) knowledge. Model processes using drag-and-drop features for elements, automatically positioning elements, and by reusing items from a central repository. 

Compare process models and model revisions, track down changes, and improve your process excellence. Allow a simplification of process models for different roles by using overlays. Show and hide necessary attributes.  

Feedback and comment on entire processes or specific tasks and share process diagrams instantly to gather feedback across the organization. 

Benefit from highly configurable modeling conventions

Benefit from various modeling notations based on your specific business needs. Use BPMN as the industry standard (BPMN 2.0 supported). Create high-level perspectives on process hierarchies in your organization with value chains, and depict adherence to process-modeling conventions.  

Get a clear list of all modeling syntax suggestions and errors that help to improve the quality and ease of consumption of process models.  

You can validate modeling regulations with real-time warnings, hints, and errors to help improve the quality and understandability of models. In addition, the process owners can design processes based on best practices and modeling standards. 

Speed up your process modeling

Analyze your process hierarchy offline and in formats that decision-makers and analysts are already familiar with. A variety of reports on process governance, license and IT system usage, RACI overviews, and many more offer insights. 

A risks and controls report provides an overview of potential risks and related controls identified in the selected process models. ​You can provide insights on relevant process risks and identify control measures and requirements. 

Determine if and how a given change would impact your process outcomes

Compare simulation scenarios to understand the impact of potential changes and further improvements. Support decision-making for process-change implementation.  

In addition, you can calculate cycle times, resources, and costs to get in-depth information on expected process performance and bottlenecks in simulation scenarios.  

The specification of process simulation parameters such as costs, durations, frequencies, and resources to define simulation scenarios allows you to derisk changes and, ultimately, your entire business transformation.