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No more searching around for inspiration and guidelines.

The SAP Signavio Process Explorer solution is your gateway to access and explore a myriad of value accelerators and resources that help you speed up the time to value of your projects. The value accelerators include business-capability and solution maps, process models, metrics, industry best practices, and SAP best-practice and product recommendations.

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The solution provides:

  • 7000 business process models
  • Several capability maps for 20 business domains
  • Value accelerators for 13 industries with more to come
  • Metrics
  • SAP best practice and product recommendations

With the assets supported by SAP Signavio Process Explorer, you gain the collective knowledge of thousands of transformation projects delivered by SAP and our partner ecosystem, all at your fingertips.

SAP Signavio Process Explorer Product Circle

With SAP Signavio Process Explorer you can:

number 1
Accelerate time to value by applying preconfigured models that avoid the complexity of starting from a blank page
number 2
Challenge and benchmark your process landscape by taking advantage of support for best-practice processes and metrics
number 3
Act confidently and avoid errors and reworking by adopting proven best practices used by many
number 4
Learn from peers by leveraging collective process knowledge from a broad community of process experts
number 5
Find inspiration and disseminate knowledge, aligning your teams on one single source of truth
number 6
Improve constantly, by using value accelerators that help you achieve results, monitor your success, and adapt quickly

SAP Signavio Process Explorer capabilities:

The value accelerators you need to transform, all in one place:

With SAP Signavio Process Explorer, you can avoid the complexity of accessing fragmented content frameworks and disconnected tools to find your answers. Instead, you can access a wide variety of value accelerators by industry, product, process, and capability, exploring knowledge that is organized in a way that is highly understandable. On the basis of your role, challenges, and industry, select the starting point and learning path that is most suitable to you.

SAP-specific and solution-independent value accelerators:

Whether you currently have SAP products installed or third-party solutions in your landscape, you can benefit from SAP Signavio Process Explorer. That’s because a number of the supported value accelerators, such as process models, are solution independent. Also, you have available a collection of practices and models specifically dedicated to the SAP portfolio, such as support for SAP S/4HANA implementations to help you accelerate deployments and reduce customizations.

Connectivity of the business and technical perspectives:

Value accelerators and the other resources accessible using SAP Signavio Process Explorer don’t sit in silos. Process models on the business level are connected to the right metrics and technical capabilities, including recommended products. Thanks to this unique ability to map tech initiatives to business needs, SAP Signavio Process Explorer can help you establish a “common language” within the organization and close the typical gap between IT and the business.

Comprehensive support for your transformation:

SAP Signavio Process Explorer provides value accelerators that serve you throughout your transformation, from strategy to operations. You can accelerate your time to insights with ready-to-use metrics and reduce your scoping times by using reference business architectures. You can design your processes better and faster based on preconfigured process models. Further, you can accelerate time to action and deployments by applying product best practices and innovation recommendations. After implementation, you can monitor your success and constantly fine-tune your strategy and operations for improvement.

Collective knowledge of thousands of transformation projects:

All of the assets and value accelerators of SAP Signavio Process Explorer are developed under One Process Acceleration Layer. With this practice, we collect, generate, organize, and share the collective knowledge from SAP and our partner ecosystem. We constantly update and grow content, with the community providing you with the latest best practices.