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The SAP Signavio Process Explorer solution is your gateway to access and explore a myriad of value accelerators and resources that can help you speed up the time to value of your transformation projects. These include: business-capability and solution maps, process models, metrics, industry best practices, and SAP best-practice and product recommendations.

What can I achieve with the product?

  • Speed up my projects; incremental or transformational
  • Avoid the complexity, costs, and time of starting from a blank page
  • Challenge my process landscape and align to the latest best practices
  • Mitigate project risks
  • Disseminate knowledge and foster a learning culture within the organization
SAP Signavio Process Explorer can be used in combination with SAP Signavio Process Navigator which provides deployment details specific to the SAP portfolio.​ * All you need to access the content is a SAP registered user..
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Hear our customers

SAP Signavio Process Explorer Brings to Life Decades of SAP Software Transformation Experiences

“As an enterprise architect, I need information and best practices but sometimes these are hard to find. SAP understood my pain point and provided a perfect solution. The ability to link process models to technology helps me communicate better with business owners and consultants. We have more transparency on processes, but also on what technology is there to help the process and how to apply it. This is a game changer.” Simon Jarke, Head, Corporate Digital Business Innovation, Freudenberg SE Read the full press release >
SAP Signavio Process Explorer Brings to Life Decades of SAP Software Transformation Experiences

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Process Explorer

Accelerate time to value
Whether you are transforming an existing process, starting a new business model, or going through a large IT or digital transformation, value accelerators speed up the various phases of your transformation journey.​
Receive guidance
The easy access to value accelerators such as process models, metrics and innovation recommendations help you clearly set your goals and optimum innovation paths, while avoiding the complexity of starting from a blank slate.​
Avoid reworking
Errors and second-guessing often lead to projects that get stuck and exceed time and cost estimates. By applying proven best practices that are tested and used by many, you can reduce errors, act confidently and mitigate project risks.​
Improve constantly
By accessing SAP Signavio Process Explorer you are always exposed to the latest and greatest best practices. Metrics associated to process models help you understand where to focus, validate direction and improve continuously.​

Why choose SAP Signavio Process Explorer

Supports your transformation and continuous improvement journey
holistically and end-to-end accelerating your time to insight and time to adapt
Meets the unique requirements of your role and industry
serving different business domains, roles and sectors with solutions and content that are specific to their challenges
Offers SAP-specific and solution-independent value accelerators
providing you with guidelines and inspiration no matter if you have SAP products installed or third-party solutions in your IT landscape
Features the collective knowledge of thousands projects delivered
you can learn from peers by leveraging the collective process knowledge from a broad community of process experts

Explore SAP Signavio Process Explorer in detail

All value accelerators you need to transform

With SAP Signavio Process Explorer, you can access a wide variety of value accelerators by industry, product, process, and capability, exploring knowledge that is organized in a way that is highly understandable. On the basis of your role, challenges, and industry, select the starting point and learning path that is most suitable to you. From processes to the connected metrics and innovations, you can access all value accelerators that you need to transform.
SAP Signavio Process Explorer
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