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Bring your customer journeys
to the next level

Intuitively design your customer journeys and connect them to the underlying processes to foster customer-centricity and operational excellence together.

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Model journeys collaboratively

Visualize the impact your business processes have on the experience to understand, improve, and transform your processes and journeys. This allows you to operate and engage more efficiently and effectively, thus avoiding risk to relationships with your customers, employees, or suppliers.

Design journey models

By discovering new insights, you can identify unmet customer or stakeholder needs, which convert into opportunities to launch new offerings, initiatives, or programs, and generate new business value.

Connect data with experience

Reduce your time to insights and your time to action by operationalizing your journeys and triggering process changes with a complete view on how to do this quickly and in a continuous, governed cycle.

Integrate business repositories

Introduce a collaborative, process-first, data-driven, experience-centric mindset in your organization by establishing a bond between teams, helping you deliver business outcomes with a focus on both people and process.

Explore SAP Signavio Journey Modeler in detail

Connect processes with journeys
Uncover experiences
Connect data
Journey complexity
Single source of truth

Connect operational processes
with experience journeys

Dive into SAP Signavio Journey Modeler to understand, improve, and transform how customers engage with your business. Translate customer experience and process mining insights into operational reality, and connect processes and journeys for a comprehensive understanding of your business functions.
  • Centralized View: Link journeys with business processes for a real-time, comprehensive view.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Make customer experiences accessible and understandable company-wide.
  • Operational Excellence: Align on key outcomes, identify critical interactions, and drive excellence.
Process Collaboration Hub - Connect processes with journeys

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Business Process Observability
A collaborative approach to transformation enablement

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Generative AI
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Process AI revealed at SAP Sapphire: An interview with Gero Decker
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