SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Understand, transform and deliver improved experiences for upgraded operations and Customer Excellence at scale
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Signavio Journey Modeler

Delight customers at scale

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler blends customer-centric imperatives with operational excellence at scale, delivering a solid connection between journeys, processes and data to make continuous experience improvements your North Star.

WA - Establish 360° process governance with approvals, maturity assessments, & more
Build a centralized, real-time view of experience & operational data
WA - Ensure consistent, high-quality results by reducing variations in how work is done
Simplify and collaborate on process operations for transparent working environments
WA - Simple drag & drop form builders for accelerated user experience
Align customer/employee touchpoints to drive better outcomes at scale
Process Intelligence - Run in-depth process analysis for actionable improvement
Leverage experience data & process mining analysis for deep-dive transformation views
HUB - Understand, track, and manage joint projects
Share insights via SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub for one single source of process truth
HUB - Streamline presentations and provide easy-to-understand updates to your stakeholders
Improve NPS, CSAT & Customer Experience Index for improved KPIs and value drivers
SAP Signavio Journey Modeler enables us to combine outside-in and inside-out perspectives on our goal to become even more customer-centric.
Claire Hornn, VodafoneZiggo

Make Customer Excellence Your North Star

Customer Excellence at scale

Welcome to the future of business transformation!

Learn how SAP Signavio Journey Modeler integrates with the world’s first solution suite to serve the emerging practice of Customer Excellence (CEX). See how the Customer Excellence Edition provides a full 360° of outside-in and inside-out thinking, helping you better understand, improve, and transform the way customers engage with your business, translating experience and process mining into operational reality.

Delight customers at scale

Translate experience into operational reality

Take a look at an e-Commerce journey, and dive into SAP Signavio Journey Modeler to understand, improve, and transform the way customers engage with your business. Learn how to leverage step-by-step journey models, embed widgets, extract process mining analysis and connect processes to customer sentiment for a deeper understanding of the way your business functions.

Design Journey Models for easy to understand waypoints

Support customers and empower employees

Better align with industry-standard tabular journeys, ensuring access to all processes related to a customer’s journey. Identify bottlenecks, duplication of effort, and any unnecessary steps that negatively impact your relationship with customers.

Build transparent environments so all employees have the opportunity to identify areas for improvement, simplify operations, and suggest innovations in each operational unit.


Connect business data with experiences & journeys

Reach new milestones in Operational Excellence

Leverage journey-to-process mapping for journeys across multiple systems in one central hub.

Identify and visualize frequent, problematic, or promising customer interactions based on large amounts of existing data (CX metrics, VoC, digital, web analytics, CRM, call centers, etc.).

Interact with different business users and customers to support knowledge transfer and cooperation across business areas.

Auto-populate roles and IT-systems for design thinking or journey mapping workshops.


Manage journeys, processes & data in a single platform

Harness the power of process mining

Connect process mining to journeys to discover and analyze the real journeys of your customers. Analyze your operational, transactional outside-in data as part of your transformation initiatives.

Link touchpoints to transactional and performance data and monitor development in real-time to see where your operations interact with the customer, providing a holistic view to improve the customer experience.

With SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub, content is created, captured, and shared by anyone, any time, across journey investigations and customer/transformation initiatives.

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SAP Signavio Journey Modeler helps operationalize customer experiences by connecting your business processes with the way customers experience them - delivering the best way to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Adjust your organizational systems, metrics, and roles to provide the best interactions possible, and drill down to process mining data for Customer Excellence competitive advantage.
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Signavio Journey Modeler