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SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Bring your customer journey to the next level

The SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution helps you intuitively design your customer journeys, and connect them to the underlying processes to foster customer-centricity and operational excellence together.

What can I achieve with the product?

  • Design customer journeys
  • Connect journeys, processes, metrics, systems, functions, and roles
  • Operationalize customer, employee, and supplier experiences
  • Understand, improve, and transform your journeys
  • Benefit from journey insights throughout your process transformation and innovation
SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

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Aristocrat: Shaping the future of fun with business process management technology

Global gaming content and technology company Aristocrat Leisure uses SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution to model business processes, to build efficiency and ensure internal processes are supporting key customer touch points. Read the customer story >

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Model journeys collaboratively
Model entire journeys or specific steps collaboratively across departments. Customer experience experts, process experts, and business users can comment and contribute using a focused thread throughout the whole journey.
Design journey models
Design customer experience and modify journey models based on an industry-standard tabular approach, with extensively customizable capabilities which accept different data formats.
Connect data with experience
Achieve the best possible process experience by connecting data with operational or customer experience. ​​Leverage data collected by SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, as well as from external systems such as Tableau and Google Data Studio.
Integrate business repositories
Measure the complexity of linked processes with journeys and find areas of improvement faster, mapping journey-to-process with auto-population of roles and IT systems.
Reuse domain objects for personas and touchpoints
Leverage business taxonomy and benefit from a central repository for creating personas and managing touchpoints.

Why choose SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Customer-centered entry points to your business processes
Leverage customer-centered entry points to your business processes and enterprise application landscape by understanding and tailoring your end-to-end customer journeys.
Centralized view of customer experiences
Link customer journeys with business processes, related IT applications, integration points, data flows and sources.
Organization-wide alignment and understanding
Align critical customer and employee outcomes by leveraging journey analytics and sentiment analysis ​.
Outline customer and employee interaction points
Review the existing process landscape based on the process mining capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence​ and identify critical customer interaction points.

Explore SAP Signavio Journey Modeler in detail

Connect processes and journeys

Dive into SAP Signavio Journey Modeler to understand, improve, and transform the way customers engage with your business, translating experience and process mining into operational reality. Connect processes and journeys for a deeper understanding of the way your business functions.
Journey Modeler - Collaborative Journey Modeling
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