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SAP Signavio Process Governance turns your business process models into standardized workflows that can be rolled out across your organization. Coordinate tasks, keep track of work and ensure rapid accountability & collaborative process governance.

The Customer Excellence Edition

Capture, connect & communicate how process governance is done

Execute accurately & as expected — no code is needed!

Out-of-the-box, enhanced process governance to model a process and send for rapid approval. Trigger workflows before you publish.

Trigger maturity & regulatory assessments between teams to see how well the process is documented & implemented. Give a maturity assessment rating, so everybody is informed.

Overcome implementation challenges with uniformed process design across the whole organization.

Govern processes with modeling that is standardized within the process architecture.

High-speed & configurable Workflow Builder

Get the results you need, supported by an easy-to-use and accessible engine

Configure workflows using the standard BPMN notation - get rid of spreadsheets, and track your tasks directly.

Use the same application to configure and execute workflows & analyze data in SAP Signavio Process Intelligence or external BI tool.

Automate & standardize manual decisions - reduce the risk of a wrong decision & drive efficient operations.

Integrate workflows & specific tasks with commonly-used cloud-based software, e.g. Salesforce or Google Drive, as well as your own IT systems.

Powerful, intuitive drag & drop Form Builder

Harness the simplest way to capture value & communicate how work is done

Add descriptions and 'help text' to forms and fields - offer better service to internal and external customers by completing work more quickly.

Define rules for when to show and require form fields & include fields that fetch data from external systems via connectors.

Ensure consistent, high-quality results by reducing variations in how work is done - define structured data that support each process.

Create an affordable and easily accessible audit trail of your work by tracking decision points and completed tasks.

Start adopting task & case management across teams

Accelerate process excellence like never before!

Task views provide an ‘inbox’ of tasks for people to complete and collaborate upon globally. Search and browse large numbers of tasks & cases to simplify operations.

Find workflow content in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub so you can assess all information relevant to your role and see what colleagues are doing.

Case views show process executions - the team workload perspective - on a configurable overview, providing improved task visibility. Cut down on email traffic & unnecessary meetings.

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SAP Signavio Process Governance puts process participants in the driver’s seat and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. The result? A high level of consistency and efficiency throughout your company. Never before has a workflow engine been easier to use, meaning you can leverage what matters most and stay aligned immediately.
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