SAP Signavio Process Governance

Govern the lifecycle of processes, risks, and controls while building workflows quickly and at scale

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SAP Signavio Process Governance

Govern a process lifecycle actively

The SAP Signavio Process Governance solution turns your business process models into standardized workflows that can be rolled out across your organization. Coordinate tasks, keep track of process assessment. and help ensure collaborative process governance. 


With SAP Signavio Process Governance, you can:

number 1
Establish 360-degree process governance with approvals
number 2
Intuitively configure and trigger workflows for collaborative improvement
number 3
Scale up your workflows as your business grows – no code needed
number 4
Schedule process maturity assessment for process owners and help ensure compliance
number 5
Use simple drag and drop form builders for accelerated user experience
number 6
Help ensure consistent, high-quality results by reducing variations in how work is done

Solution in detail:

Manage process release cycles

Start automating your process approvals and publishing processes. You can set up process owners, risk owners, and quality managers and their respective tasks by choosing process attributes. You can then map and notify these users through attributes for process approval, risk and controls assessments, and maturity assessments.  

Increase process compliance more easily by triggering process approvals and maturity assessments directly out of the SAP Signavio Process Manager solution (license required). Once an approval is given, you can publish processes automatically, with the approvals being documented.

Drive process maturity assessment on multiple levels

Configure workflows using the standard BPMN notation - get rid of spreadsheets, and track your tasks directly. 

Use the same application to configure and execute workflows & analyze data in SAP Signavio Process Intelligence or external BI tool. 

Automate & standardize manual decisions - reduce the risk of a wrong decision & drive efficient operations. 

Integrate workflows & specific tasks with commonly-used cloud-based software, e.g. Salesforce or Google Drive, as well as your own IT systems. 

Provide process-integrated risk and control management

Centrally manage risk and controls within one place with the dictionary in SAP Signavio Process Governance. You can more easily organize risk and controls in structured folders of your choice.

Process owners can check where each risk or control item is used within the business process. In addition, all items you created can be linked to any process or task.  

For increased collaboration, you can display and use all risk and control items within SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub (license required). 

Build configurable approval workflow fast and without expert knowledge

Get the results you need, supported by an intuitive-to-use and accessible engine. Configure approval workflows using standard Business Process Model and Notation, get rid of spreadsheets, and track your approval tasks directly. Use the same solution, SAP Signavio Process Governance, to configure and execute workflows and analyze data in the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solution or an external BI tool.  

Automate and standardize manual decisions; reduce the risk of a wrong decision and drive efficient operations.