Free BPMN 2.0 poster

SAP Signavio’s BPMN 2.0 poster provides optimal support for daily tasks in process management. The poster encompasses all BPMN 2.0 core elements and also provides an overview of the various graphical elements and their meaning. With short examples of application, the correct use of BPMN 2.0 can be seen at a glance.

SAP Signavio Presents the BPMN 2.0 Poster

Use the BPMN Poster to Quickly Learn BPMN 2.0

Learn the international standard modeling language BPMN 2.0 with ease by using the BPMN 2.0 poster in your office to complement your process modeling. Our BPMN 2.0 poster can provide practical support to employees, even those with existing experience using BPMN 2.0.

Our BPMN Poster is Quickly Accessible and the Perfect Reference Aid

The uniform documentation of processes is vital for all organizations to provide a clear definition of responsibilities and manage key data in a structured manner. Our BPMN 2.0 poster offers daily support to document processes transparently, to avoid misunderstandings and to sustainably improve processes.

BPMN 2.0 Poster to Optimally Complement the SAP Signavio Process Manager

Just as with our 30-day trial, our BPMN 2.0 poster is available for free because we would like to provide the optimal support to your BPM initiative by offering you a profound insight into modeling with SAP Signavio. If you still have some space on your office wall and would like to order the poster for your and your colleagues then simply fill out the form above to receive your personal BPMN 2.0 poster.

BPMN 2.0 poster preview