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Bring performance, profitability, and people satisfaction in sync

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Connect experience and operations

SAP Signavio Journey-to-Process Analytics is a process management practice and toolset that connects experience and business operations data and teams to help you understand, improve, and transform your customer, employee, or supplier experience.

What can I achieve with the product?

  • Connect process and experience data
  • Run experience-driven process mining analysis
  • Get visibility into process dynamics affecting the experience
  • Identify levers to improve process performance and experience metrics
  • Achieve improved top and bottom lines

Hear our customers

Endress+Hauser: How strong processes help implement strategy

Headquartered in Switzerland,  Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement and automation technology for process and laboratory applications. Learn how Endress+Hauser used business process transformation solutions from the SAP Signavio portfolio to unify the organization's process landscape, support overall business strategy, and manage the transition to SAP S/4HANA while considering the people experience. Read the customer story >

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Journey-to-Process Analytics

Safeguard your business
Visualize the impact your business processes have on the experience to understand, improve, and transform your processes and journeys. This allows you to operate and engage more efficiently and effectively, thus avoiding risk to relationships with your customers, employees, or suppliers.
Grow and create new business value
By discovering new insights, you can identify unmet customer or stakeholder needs, which convert into opportunities to launch new offerings, initiatives, or programs, and generate new business value.
Drive process and experience excellence at scale
Reduce your time to insights and your time to action by operationalizing your journeys and triggering process changes with a complete view on how to do this quickly and in a continuous, governed cycle.
Introduce a new mindset in your organization
Introduce a collaborative, process-first, data-driven, experience-centric mindset in your organization by establishing a bond between teams, helping you deliver business outcomes with a focus on both people and process.

Why choose SAP Signavio Journey-to-Process Analytics

An outside-in view for your business transformations
Improve the way you look at people's journey as an organization by mapping your processes to a centralized view of your customer, employee, or supplier journeys. Align their touchpoints with your processes, bringing an outside-in view to your process improvement efforts.
The unique blending of process and experience analysis
Connect data from your experience platforms and leverage experience-driven process mining insights to understand the impact of operational activities on people along their experience journeys.
Performance, profitability, and people satisfaction in sync
Continuously monitor the relationship of process dynamics and experience metrics directly in the context of your journeys. Share them proactively with process and experience teams to improve and transform the way people engage with your business.

Explore SAP Signavio Journey-to-Process Analytics in detail

Model processes and journeys

Design and model your business processes collaboratively across the entire organization and achieve a transparent overview of your process landscape. Create journey models next to business processes to visualize the end-to-end experience journey that customers, employees, or suppliers have with your organization.
SAP Signavio Journey-to-Process Analytics - Model

Events and Webcasts

Partner-Webcast: Using Data Driven Kaizen Towards Lean Manufacturing
In our partner-webcast with Fujitsu, our experts explain how to implement Process Mining solutions, including key challenges and learnings. Participate and get to know about concrete examples and how Fujitsu utilizes its Lean Manufacturing-based framework to create insights for manufacturers using SAP Signavio.
Data-driven process improvement for SAP and non-SAP Processes
From gained efficiency through optimized cycle times and supply chains, or increased automation, to excelling in customer expectations - process mining can help. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is a collaborative process mining solution that helps you unleash the power in your processes and experience data to transform your business.
Partner-Webcast: Operationalizing Journeys in an HR Transformation
In this partner-webcast with Fujitsu, we will cover a practical use case involving a large HR transformation and the multiple ways SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite can be used to redesign business processes holistically. Join us to learn how Journey Modeling, combined with advanced operational and experience insights, can help drive an end-to-end process perspective for employee experience management.
Tackle the challenges of your ERP transformation using EAM & BPM
This webcast will provide you with insights on the combined force of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Business Process Management (BPM). Sign up to learn more!
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