Partner-Webcast: Using Data Driven Kaizen Towards Lean Manufacturing

In our partner-webcast with Fujitsu our experts explain how to implement Process Mining solutions, including key challenges and learnings. Participate and get to know about concrete examples and how Fujitsu utilizes its Lean-Manufacturing-based framework to create insights for manufacturers using SAP Signavio.

What to expect

The manufacturing industry requires flexibility and adaptability to constantly improve processes to achieve sustainability. In line with this, Kaizen is a method that encourages continuous improvement over a period of time. The advantage of this approach is that it involves cooperation and commitment as opposed to top-down initiatives that rely on radical changes to achieve transformation.

With the adoption of SAP Signavio solutions, Fujitsu has incorporated Process Mining as a key component of the Kaizen framework (utilized in one of their Japanese manufacturing plants) to generate data-driven insights.

As a result of this evidence-based approach, data collection time is reduced, which also helps the company identify opportunities for process improvements and eliminate wasteful practices more quickly.

Learn how Fujitsu implemented Process Mining in their Kaizen Method, including:

  • A brief introduction to Kaizen
  • A brief overview of SAP Signavios solutions supporting Kaizen
  • How Fujitsu creates insights for manufacturers based on its Lean Manufacturing framework and SAP Signavio
  • How to best combine Process Visualization with Process Mining insights
  • Fujitsu's Sustainable Manufacturing Loop, which has been developed based on the Kaizen method and the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite
  • Key challenges that were encountered and lessons learned

About Fujitsu

Over more than four decades, Fujitsu has been enabling companies worldwide to use SAP business applications with cutting-edge, reliable technology and consulting services. Fujitsu’s SAP offerings include support for the new RISE with SAP initiatives, as part of their focus on delivering successful digital transformation projects for their customers. Through the combined capabilities of Fujitsu and SAP Signavio, customers have been able to optimize their operations and increase their competitiveness.

About the speakers

Abhishek Mahajan, Senior CoE Lead, SAP Manufacturing at Fujitsu Uvance, is an accomplished professional with 14+ years of technology-consulting experience, predominantly with Manufacturing, Automotive and Telecommunications customers. He combines his passion for storytelling and co-creation to craft compelling digital solutions for the clients in areas of SAP S/4HANA, Digital Manufacturing and Business Process Management. Currently he is exploring how process mining can be leveraged to bring efficiency in shop floor processes for manufacturers. Abhishek can often be seen as a featured speaker and panelist at industry forums like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and at other events hosted by SAP, Dun & Bradstreet etc evangelizing Fujitsu’s point of view on emerging technologies in SAP and Digital Manufacturing.

Lincoln Kirsten, Global SAP BPI (Signavio) Leader at Fujitsu Uvance, is a Senior Director in the Business Applications division, responsible for leading the global SAP BPI and S/4HANA Value Assessment initiatives for Fujitsu. He has over 25 years of experience in consulting and IT services, including Business Management, Portfolio Management, Pre-sales, and Delivery roles. In addition to leading teams in the Americas, Caribbean Region, Middle East, and Europe, Lincoln has assisted numerous companies in various sectors, such as Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Retail, A&D, Telecommunications, and Automotive. Lincoln is also an official (certified by SAP) Intelligence Enterprise Ambassador, and his current work involves, among other things, developing frameworks and methodologies around Digital Operational Excellence to meet customer needs and drive business processes efficiently.

Chris Naab is a Transformation Advisor at SAP Signavio and is bringing the best methodologies such as Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management and tools together to make transformations successful. In his role he is working with strategic customers to understand and drive value generated by transformation initiatives. Since joining SAP in 1999, Chris has been in multiple roles from consulting, solution-, product management and support. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as SAP Innovation Camps, SAP user groups and industry summits. Chris is based in Germany.