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A disciplined approach to radical change

Utilities organizations are aiming beyond operational and functional reliability and efficiency for continued success. As customers demand improved experiences, responsive, and trustworthy service from their utilities providers, companies need to reorient to put the consumer at their core. To succeed, companies will need to deploy solutions for continuous operational and customer success for enhanced optimizations and to simplify the business – supporting agility, resilience, and new opportunities.

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IWB: Using Process Management as a Strategic Tool for Digital Transformation

“Process management is essential for successful digital transformation. SAP Signavio solutions have offered powerful support for the optimization of our processes. That, ultimately, contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.” Stefanie Rütten, Senior Business Process Manager, Process and Quality Management, IWB Industrielle Werke Basel read the customer story >
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Benefits of SAP Signavio solutions

Achieve compliance efficiency
Increase competitive advantage by standardizing processes and improving journeys to shore up against inherent unpredictability. Achieve compliance efficiency and security by adapting business processes for more contextual and predictable outcomes.
Optimize production planning
Reduce costs and delays and better ensure consumers receive utilities services as expected. Use data and processes to support supply and demand improvements by unlocking the insights needed for better standardization.
Deliver improvement opportunities
Generate a virtual digital twin of an organization, or DTO, for the complex utilities industry to study improvement opportunities. Gain more vantage points than standard simulations to scale up and answer the big “what if” questions for better market impact.

Use cases for utilities

Customer intimacy
Deliver customer excellence by using customer experience and operational data with process mining to better understand the root causes of customer frustration or happiness. Analyze, improve, and transform operations for targeted KPIs, then build up brand loyalty and improve customer retention for better financial outcomes.
Operational excellence and collaboration
Jump-start innovation by highlighting where traditional approaches can be upgraded and shape a better understanding of projects, tasks, and KPIs across teams with collaborative functions. Break down silos and harness the wisdom of the team for improved input and feedback, creating better outcomes across projects.
Unleashing workforce potential
Deliver value with automation across routine requests such as payment arrangements, service start-stops, address changes, and billing balance. Act precisely, compliantly, and effectively, freeing up staff to work on more value-adding tasks. Secure better transformation buy-in with improved understanding and satisfaction

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