Mapping Your Customer Journey

In the past, ‘customer experience’ was often the last issue companies considered, as they focused on sales and productivity. But no longer, as what was once called word-of-mouth is now fully branded user-generated content. A bad review, a shoddy product, or unfriendly service can be seen by millions, instantly.

Even so, just building positive customer experiences alone is not enough. Organizations need to actively create experiences which not only satisfy, but delight and excite consumers. We must look beyond traditional process methods and models, to more consumer-centric constructs. We must connect our customer journeys to the processes that deliver them.

Getting this wrong means disengaging the customer base and giving ground to the competition.

Constant customer delight is the new standard

By embracing Signavio, organizations can shield themselves against market change, and take a 360◦ customer-centric view across producing, marketing, selling, and delivering products and services. By positioning customer delight as a strategic imperative, process naturally drives customer loyalty and powers digital optimization within organizations.

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite combines this customer perspective with your underlying business processes, resulting in an optimized organization that consistently delivers great experiences at the lowest cost possible.

Customer centricity is the new strategic imperative

In fact, customer-oriented strategies now need to navigate the ‘what, where, why, when, who, and how’ more than ever, while delivering greater customer satisfaction. This is because customer experience is not just about one-off interactions; it’s about building a reputation and a relationship. This, in turn, fosters brand identity, but requires a reflective understanding of what makes a business unique and what separates it from its rivals.

Consumer connectivity through customer journeys

Signavio understands that being a consumer is not a job, and shouldn’t require a research doctorate.

If we consider that on average it takes 6-7 interactions for someone to remember a brand, but 10-13 additional interactions to defuse poor impressions or bad experiences, the need for engineered customer experiences is paramount to company success.

Acknowledging this, Signavio was the world’s first provider to combine customer journey mapping with process management, and the multi award-winning Signavio Business Transformation Suite is also the first to combine CJM technology with custom images. It’s no surprise our industry-leading customer journey mapping (CJM) technology has been awarded Hot Vendor™ status and is a “compelling” Tech Spectrum™ Leader, too.

Understanding the customer journey

Engineered, consistent customer experiences, enhanced through customer journey mapping, is the ideal template for operational performance metrics. Accurate tracking of touchpoints— and how customers interact with them— enables organizations to understand customer behavior, digital channels, and context in new ways.

Today’s organizations are competing on value, and winning over the modern customer often requires much more than a price reduction. Customers want an enriching and seamless experience across all touchpoints.

If we can understand today’s customer behavior, we can better predict future interactions.

According to year-on-year growth research on CJM conducted by Aberdeen Group, effective CJM will deliver:

  • Brands see almost 10x (1000%) reduction in the cost of customer service.
  • Brands that use CJM enjoy an average sales cycle that is 18-times faster, with 56% more revenue from up-selling and cross-selling efforts.
  • Marketing practices experience a 54% greater return on marketing investment.
  • As customers are given the experiences they expect, satisfaction naturally increases, leading to a 24% increase in positive social media comments.