Business Decision Management

With the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, your business decisions can be displayed graphically. The Signavio Process Manager fully supports this notation, providing you with the ideal tool for your Business Decision Management.

Decision management is becoming an increasing area of focus for many companies. On the one hand, it expands and improves the existing business processes, whilst on the other hand, issues such as compliance and business rules can be more clearly defined and better managed.

Business Decision Management is more than Compliance

In every company, within business processes, speedy, reliable and consistent decisions must be made. In many companies, this happens many thousands of times a day. Business Decision Management however, is not only of interest for companies in the financial sector but can also be applied to the insurance industry and public institutions. The field is additionally becoming increasingly relevant to other industries.

Business Processes and Decisions – the Same but Different

Systematic decision management is an important element of well-functioning and effective Business Process Management. Process management is more than simply describing procedures. The representation, analysis and implementation of decisions within the process model, ensures compliance with legal and internal requirements, makes knowledge explicit, and preserves a unified, comprehensible external appearance.

Business Decision Management Needs Tools: Signavio Supports Business Decision Management

Business Decision Management is of particular interest for process owners, business and decision-making analysts as well as, business process, project and compliance managers.
Get the Signavio Process Manager now and design your business decisions with the help of the Decision Modeling Notation and link your decisions and business process management in one software. The DMN standard is seamlessly integrated into Signavio’s BDM solution.

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  • DMN 1.0 Standard
  • Web-based solution for business decision management
  • Combination of BPM and Business Decision Management
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