What’s One Process Acceleration Layer?

Today, speed is of the essence. To help you, our customers, be fast and efficient in transformation, we know we need to provide you not only with the best technology, but also with ideas, recommendations, foundational templates, and ready-to-run solutions that can help you compress time to operations and accelerate time to value.

Our One Process Acceleration Layer practice generates and collates value accelerators. These include thousands of best-practice process models, the connected benchmarks and metrics, SAP solution recommendations, thought leadership papers, and much more.

The value of the community

Through One Process Acceleration Layer, we combine the knowledge of 25,000 SAP consultants and thousands of projects delivered. And we’re not alone in this journey. For this practice, we collect value accelerators from SAP partners that are specialists in their specific domains.

Together, we represent a world-class community of process and industry experts that work side by side with you, share best practices, and continuously shape new ideas and solutions that respond to your evolving needs. It’s the collective knowledge that no one single expert could have, all at your fingertips.

Knowledge and value accelerators readily available to you

The SAP Signavio Process Explorer solution is your gateway to the myriad of value accelerators and resources developed under One Process Acceleration Layer. It represents your destination to learn, explore, and consult this collective knowledge.

Your Benefits:

  • Speed up time to value with ready-to-go, preconfigured scenarios and models built around your specific needs
  • Jump-start your transformation projects by leveraging industry-, product-, and process-specific value accelerators that can inspire you throughout your transformation
  • Learn from peers and build upon their experiences. By applying proven and tested solutions, you can reduce errors and project risks and operate with confidence.
  • Improve continuously by being exposed to the latest innovations and best practices, which are generated from the community and evolve with it