ERP Transformation

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) transformation is a lucrative, yet undoubtedly risky endeavour. Despite the initial expense, bringing in a company-wide standardized software solution to streamline your processes, reduce human error, and easily extrapolate data analysis will result in long-term benefits.

ERP Transformation

ERP Transformation

While the desire to dramatically improve efficiency and profitability drives any ERP transformation, there are a diverse set of other factors involved. It could be that your current ERP system doesn’t align with what you want to achieve. It could be that the various departments of your organization are running on multiple and disparate software systems, limiting your ability to conduct meaningful analysis and cross-enterprise visibility. Maybe your current ERP vendor is sunsetting its product and its time for you make a gradual transition to something new. Whatever the motivation is for change, ERP transformation can be a tricky thing, requiring large-scale change.

Large-scale change

ERP transformations are not just an update, the addition of a new module, or the implementation of extra features to a system that already exists. ERP transformation creates a company-wide disruption and ultimately quantum leaps in improvement.

It is also crucial to have in mind that technology, as critical as it is, is by no account the sole ingredient in transformation. The importance of change management in achieving ERP transformation success is huge. The company-wide changes that occur through ERP transformation reach across people, processes, customers, technology, data management, and risk management.

All the software knowledge in the world won’t make a successful implementation without these more important non-technical factors, which is why Signavio is here to help you in your ERP Transformation initiative.

Making the leap

In a commercial world that relies on organizations standing out from the crowd, it is no longer practical to rely on systems that simply deliver the same results as everyone else. With significant investments already made in ERP systems, organizations across the globe are taking on the challenge of how to refresh, update or transform legacy ERP systems to better connect their processes and systems, and better serve their customers.

With new intelligent ERP transformations, there is a massive opportunity for businesses to optimize all of their resources, improve business processes significantly, and lower costs.

The benefits of ERP transformation include the ability to:

  • Develop systems of differentiation versus the use of systems of record
  • Make smarter use of process data to evaluate and accelerate change
  • Reconfigure your staff and budgets
  • Improve your strategic planning
  • Improve your company culture

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