A leading supplier for aerospace companies around the globe, Diehl Aviation Laupheim GmbH works with customers to develop, certify, produce, and maintain critical aviation technology. The company’s goal is to deliver high-quality, next-generation air mobility solutions that are safe, comfortable, and sustainable – all delivered on time.

However, the complex customer requirements were resulting in a highly customized ERP system that was difficult to maintain and not ready for transformation. Diehl Aviation needed a new, modern ERP system that could support its 19 sites. It also needed a way to analyze and transform business processes that would allow employees to achieve maximum efficiency, flexibility, and success.

Before: Challenges and opportunities

  • Maintain oversight of complex business processes in a highly customized instance of SAP ERP Central Component
  • Simplify processes to increase flexibility and achieve the highest level of operational excellence
  • Engage employees in the business transformation process to help ensure long-term success


  • SAP Signavio solutions to support the move to SAP S/4HANA by enabling data-driven process analysis that helps quickly adapt business processes to meet evolving needs
  • SAP Signavio Process Insights solution to gain a foothold on overall processes, discover new opportunities and capabilities, and do more with business data
  • The plug and gain approach of accelerated process discovery service using SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, which helps combine existing SAP Signavio solutions to achieve transformation results faster and with less risk

After: Value-driven results

  • Business process data that empowers employees to effectively participate in process transformation
  • Requirement discovery and process analysis that is concrete, measurable, and use-case specific
  • Faster process cycles that improve cash flow, in particular by helping maximize supplier discounts
  • Stronger process analysis framework, including standard process templates and dashboards, to ease and clarify process analysis and lay the groundwork for future projects
  • Analyzing and improving business processes to ease the move to SAP S/4HANA with SAP Signavio solutions

“The plug and gain approach is so interesting because it enables us to do two things. First, it provides a very quick and comprehensive analysis of a specific issue or process. Second, it’s a great start for more complex use cases, as we can quickly build a prototype out of the existing plug and gain analysis. For our users, it’s much easier to explain their requirements when they see an existing analysis of their process.”

Fabrice Armbruster, SAP Business Transformation Expert, Diehl Aviation Laupheim GmbH