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The SAP Signavio portfolio offers powerful, integrated solutions that help you quickly realign your organization and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate. It supports the core of your business: the processes that you carry out every day. This page consolidates important resources in one place, including success stories, best practices, learnings and lessons learned and insights from the experts.
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Hilti: How Can Streamlining Processes Help Build a Consistent and Superior Customer Experience?

“The challenge in increasing our customer experience lies in the direct link between process and journey activities. I see SAP Signavio solutions as the perfect tools for consolidating these two perspectives to develop operational excellence in step with customer experience.” Stefan Gammel, Business Process Consultant, Customer Experience and Business Process Excellence, Hilti Group read more customer stories >

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Introducing the SAP Signavio Expert Series: Make process part of your DNA
Gain valuable insights on accelerating business process transformations and enhancing performance by integrating SAP Signavio with your ERP-backend systems. Unlock the full potential of your business processes with SAP Signavio's expertise!
Value accelerators: What are they? Who are they for? Why should you care?
Find out how value accelerators pave the way to a new approach to systems implementation. Learn how to reduce cost and time while still achieving better outcomes.
Overcoming ERP transformation challenges: Structured, swift and data-driven
Learn how to achieve maximum value with minimal risk.
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