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SAP Signavio O2C... the pulse of success

  • Speed of business

    Your business needs to move fast. Can your order & sales teams keep up? Help them drive digital transformation with our automation solution for true end-to-end support across the whole order-to-cash process. O2C is a defining process in customer relationships & the lead-to-cash cycle, so flip the switch to turbocharged analysis across ALL activities and EVERY department. Boost customer order intake through to receipt of payment, and unleash the power of RPA / automation within the O2C & OTC loop.

  • Define & Monitor

    SAP Signavio is the leading solution globally to offer the power of modeling and mining to define and monitor the O2C process. Increase operational efficiency, optimize DSO & reduce TCO, while improving omnichannel efficiency, compliance, and collaborative efforts. SAP Signavio supports better process execution, governance and monitoring, so credit / invoicing systems are under control while consolidating supplier touchpoints. Measure and boost the pulse of your order-to-cash cycle and sales performance!

  • Mine & Automate

    SAP Signavio offers the solutions, expertise, and partnerships to fuel your digital transformation & slash rework. Maximize automation; make cash collections smarter; simplify e-payment, and accelerate throughput times. With instant access to powerful analytics & SAP Signavio process mining capabilities, you can understand / monitor the impact of change and zoom out to track business process outcomes. Leverage objective process modeling & data based process monitoring, then dive into your ‘as-is’ O2C environment.

Why settle for less? Reach past the norms of order & sales management.

  • Only 10% of companies use automated assessment practices

  • Just 42% of companies use customer payment adherence assessment

  • Over 83% of companies share write-offs with the credit function

One Platform. All processes. Your Way! How SAP Signavio helps you beat the competition.

Discover how SAP Signavio helps you review and optimize the priceless O2C process. Drive better efficiency & accuracy across operations for improved performance, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. Boost digital transformation by slashing rework and hitting pain points where it hurts with automation/RPA! Plus, learn how SAP Signavio process mining, data insights & process transparency maximizes O2C for teams, with coupled C-Suite benefits essential for CFOs, Heads of Sales, and CIOs.

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Digital transformation booster: Unlocking value in O2C

  • Define your objectives

    Quickly and simply model one of the most critical processes in your organization, to build a clear picture of the interactions, areas of responsibility, and connecting tasks spanning multiple systems, operations, and business areas. Get the strategic overview you need to optimize your O2C process, and increase the speed and efficiency of your entire business.

  • Signavio Order-to-Cash Process - define your objectives screen
  • Analyze your process

    Discover cost and efficiency savings hidden within your O2C process - as well as the elements that are holding you back. Track details like Average Cycle Times by Risk Class; Average Invoice to Cash by Risk Class; the DSO & ADD. Eliminate rework, identify bottlenecks, and ensure all staff have the resources to complete their tasks most efficiently. Hit bottlenecks where it hurts!

  • Signavio Order-to-Cash Process - analyze your process screen
  • Share your improvements

    With the Launchpad, you can access all your essential O2C content, engage with workflows, and trigger investigations. Fast, just got faster! With one click of the ‘Create’ button, you can start BPMN models, CJM initiatives, process mining investigations, and more – all whilst collaborating like never before.

  • Signavio Order-to-Cash Process - share your improvements screen
  • The SAP Signavio O2C improvement loop

    Define business goals & KPIs. Set ambitious yet achievable targets! What’s on top of your agenda? Digital transformation? Customers? Automation? Define revenue goals & KPIs to measure & manage expectations. Process discovery & diagnostic. Identify deviations that cause delays or bottlenecks. Establish smart diagnostics to test your real business pulse. Find weaknesses & improvements. Rethink & automate the process. Automate activities and accelerate throughput. Identify and avoid rework! Capture new efficiencies, from order delivery to billing, and collect on delinquent accounts.

  • Signavio Order-to-Cash process improvement loop 1
  • The SAP Signavio O2C improvement loop

    Assess impact. Understand future changes! This is the strategic overview you need to optimize your O2C process, and increase the speed and efficiency of your entire business. Implement changes & communicate. Implement the changes with highest impact, e.g. for automation, throughput time, or customer satisfaction. SAP Signavio enables continuous communication/collaboration across your entire business. Monitor. Feel the pulse of progress! SAP Signavio provides concise and continuous monitoring of actual growth. Track advancement across top-level initiatives & provide feedback to the whole team.

  • Signavio Order-to-Cash process improvement loop 2
  • Proactive Deployment

    The new way! SAP Signavio is the leading solution to offer the power of modeling & mining to define and monitor the O2C process. The solution platform offers seamless connectivity to any ERP system, including fast and risk-free SAP S/4HANA® migration. Better monitor, maintain and execute all dunning and collections activity, plus build comprehensive debtor profiles with extensive reporting capabilities for deep-dive analysis. Make forecasting easy and accurate and shape future decision models and overall credit policy to streamline cash flow and the O2C cycle. Leverage data based insights & transparency to maximize O2C value across departments, with coupled benefits essential for the C-Suite.  

  • Signavio order-to-cash - Process Transformation Suite

Say "Yes" to business advantage! feel the pulse of SAP Signavio O2C...

  • Clearer picture

    Stop struggling with reduced visibility: Banish mismatched accounts and late shipments, and discover what a smooth order process looks like - from initial order placement through payment processing. Contact us to learn how SAP Signavio software can streamline order management services, payment processing, along with a complete array of technical and operational support services. Your digital transformation excellence starts with SAP Signavio Order-to-Cash.

  • Payment & Fraud

    Leverage our experienced team: Make use of best-in-class technology partnerships for secure payment terms processing and seamless fraud management. With customizable rules and strategies, your team can better monitor activity according to the balance of service and risks you define. Leverage quick access to customer information, order status, history, and more - providing a personalized service experience and improved journey across SAP Signavio Order-to-Cash.

  • Uncover value

    Process Mining for O2C: SAP Signavio powers O2C so you can see the exact root causes of poorly performing touchpoints and processes by shining a light on them with process mining via SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and Live Insights. Evaluate change alternatives to design better processes and implement best practices while filtering root causes via structured investigations. Derive end-to-end perspectives, performance overviews, and unlock the real power of SAP Signavio Order-to-Cash.

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