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Training & Consulting

Your investment in Signavio is an important step to achieve your overarching business objectives. No matter your motivation for investing in Signavio, our Training & Consulting Services offerings are available to enable you to realize value with Signavio quickly and effectively.

Whether you are aiming to enhance your operational excellence, begin an ERP transformation initiative, strengthen your risk and compliance frameworks, map your customer journey, or implement RPA at scale, the Signavio Professional Services team is on hand to help you leverage the full potential of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite.  With intimate knowledge of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite and a wide range of process management topics, the team everages best practices and experiences from over 1300 Signavio customers worldwide to develop Signavio solutions centered around your individual needs and requirements.

Our mission is to help you deploy Signavio quickly and maximize the full potential of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, while building capabilities and skills necessary to drive the adoption of Signavio within your enterprise and ensure long-term success. We offer the following professional services to help you achieve your goals:

Our experienced Training & Consulting Services team works with you in a collaborative and fun way, accelerating your Signavio initiative while driving adoption, reducing deployment risk, and ensuring knowledge transfer to your team or consulting partner.

Rapid Deployment - group of people with a trainer

Rapid Deployment

Signavio Rapid Deployment services are our core offering for new Signavio clients, designed to get you up and running quickly.
Change Management & Creative Services - Man with a notebook and 8 arms

Change Management & Creative Services

Training & Consulting Services can offer your organization not only the tools needed to deploy Signavio products, but also the creative expertise needed to help staff and management understand, visualize, and communicate why Signavio is uniquely important to them.
BPMN Training

Training & Coaching

Signavio offers an extensive range of training courses, in which certified Signavio trainers teach common modeling notations, as well as how to use the Signavio Business Transformation Suite effectively.
Migration Services - man in front of a glass screen

Migration Services

Experience shows that our clients often have existing processes in different notations and tools in place.
Technical Consulting - techie talking to some people

Technical Consulting

As part of your BPM initiative, requirements may arise that go beyond the standard functionality of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite: integration of third-party systems, retrieval or export of data from Signavio, special evaluations, and the like.
Process Governance & COE - two shaking hands

Process Governance & COE

Business transformation initiatives can quickly grow in size and complexity, beyond initial specifications.
Maturity Assessment - checking a process model

Maturity Assessment

The Signavio Maturity Assessment uses interviews and available company data to comprehensively analyze the areas in which your organization is well advanced in process management and optimization, and which areas offer the chance for improvements.