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Achieve process agility

Discrete manufacturers deal with inflation, margin pressures, and rising interest rates. Plus, companies are tackling the uncertainty of customer-driven change, all while needing to increase inventory turnover. To thrive, organizations need to innovate business models toward digital Industry 4.0 mandates and deliver products and services more rapidly, so they can keep pace with customer expectations and the competition. For this, discrete manufacturers will need to stay sustainable, resilient, and agile – for instance, in supply chain management – while continuously transforming and improving their processes.
Adapting for sustainability in Discrete Manufacturing

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GEA: Using business process management to lead the way to a new way of working

“We elevated our business process management transformation using SAP Signavio solutions and by connecting people, process, technology, and top management sponsorship to unleash the energy needed to shape the future of our organization together.” Daniela Weiss, Senior Vice President, Corporate Business Process Management, GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft read the customer story >

Benefits of SAP Signavio solutions

Reduce time to insight
Improve operations today and use your data to locate and evaluate process improvements potential across plants. Benchmark across business units, systems, and subsidiaries to identify new potential based on problems and inconsistencies in process execution at scale.
Simplify operations
Gain operational value from simulations and real-time decisions across complex manufacturing and multiple processes with a digital twin of an organization, or DTO. Simplify how you work by scaling your digital twin, including handling activities, tasks, multiple processes, and workflows.
Increase agility and reduce time to action
Harness insights and recommendations to standardize processes across the company. Including business units and geographic locations for better business understanding. Minimize human error by improving continuity and business process performance.

Use cases for discrete manufacturing

Resilient supply networks and smart factory
Optimize manufacturing processes, such as sell-from-stock, make-to-order, and assemble-to-order processes, through analysis, benchmarking, and prepackaged recommendations. Enable lean manufacturing by using process data, depicting processes in intuitive models, and visualizing actual process flows.
Customer centricity
Close the experience gap between intended and real experiences, and delight customers by understanding customer needs. Dive into interactions of sales and services processes at every touch point by visualizing customer journeys, customer sentiment, and journey analytics to provide transparency for improved ways of working.
Sustainability and circularity
Collaboratively design and implement new processes to support circularity, maximizing the customer experience, green line, and bottom line. Better ensure compliance by managing processes and conformance in process execution – creating better understanding, accountability, and transparency for all stakeholders in their tasks.

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