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Integrations at a glance

Partner Integrations
Enhance the capabilities of SAP Signavio with pre-build partner integrations. Connect products and core competenties of our partners to and accelerate your business transformations.
SAP Integrations
Our SAP out-of-the-box integrations with SAP Signavio helps to accelarate invovation, empower enterprises and enables transformaitons with extended product capabilites.
Custom integrations
Different kinds of data exchange capabilities of SAP Signavio offers you the flexibility to extend and customize your individual integrations so you can unlock the full potential of your transofrmation journey.

Benefits of using our integrations

There are over 50 SAP and Technology Partner integrations available.
Approximately 25% of our customers utilize partner or SAP integrations or have developed individual integrations.
Our first premium-certified SAP Endorsed App is LeanIX.

Integration Cases

Process analysis and mining
Connect to various systems like ERP, HR, Database etc. to push process data into the SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite
Process and journey modeling
Integrate with your existing solutions to synchronize process models and dictionary entries, foster direct collaboration and streamline the transformation toolchain
Workflow and automation execution
Link to other systems and technologies within governance, workflows and automate cross-system processes

Partner Integrations

Automation Anywhere Logo
Process Discovery by Automation Anywhere provides a simple and fast task mining solution that is connected with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence
Datricks Risk Mining offers real-time risk detection and control, ensuring continuous financial compliance and it is integrated with SAP Signavo solutions.​
KNOA logo
SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, in combination with SAP Signavio solutions, offers micro-level visibility into SAP processes, improving overall execution and performance.

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