Enterprise Architecture

Unleash your business potential by bringing business and IT together with business process transformation solutions and LeanIX Enterprise Architecture

Continuously transform your organization with an understanding of where you are, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there.

  • Combine the perspectives

    Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) by LeanIX integrates with SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite to provide an extra layer of insights that spans across your present and future software landscapes. It links technology, IT, and infrastructure investments directly to your business processes.

  • Comprehensive overview

    Business process transformation solutions guide you through the entire journey from your business’s current state to its target state by including people and processes as well as other capabilities, data, applications, and technology. With SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and EAM by LeanIX, you can holistically address operative and strategic process transformations along your relevant business factors.

  • Reduce

    When combined, business process transformation solutions and EAM by LeanIX can help you achieve business and IT collaboration, reduce uncertainty, make better decisions, and ultimately accelerate your transformation agenda.

Accelerate your Transformation

It’s all about successful transformations. Executing within scope, time, and budget calls for transparency across your entire IT landscape and all your business processes.

SAP Endorsed Apps

Securing your SAP success with LeanIX EAM

  • Enterprise Architecture Management by LeanIX

    This software helps you leverage technology, make decisions, and manage change with an outcome-driven approach. The flexible, best-practice data model is your foundation for meeting future business challenges. Gain real-time overviews of your IT landscape and business capabilities to transform productivity and accelerate your business transformation. EAM by LeanIX helps you increase speed, lower costs, and reduce risks.

  • EA Factsheet SAP ERM
  • SAP Endorsed Apps

    SAP Endorsed Apps are a category of solutions from SAP’s partner ecosystem that help customers become best-run, intelligent enterprises. Enterprise Architecture Management by LeanIX is an SAP endorsed app that offers added security and is certified by SAP. It is rigorously tested and measured against benchmark results. It is available on the SAP Store site.

  • SAP Endorsed App
  • Migration to SAP S/4HANA

    SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite helps you quickly understand, improve, and transform your business processes at any scale – no matter where you are in your transformation with SAP S/4HANA. By using EAM by LeanIX, you can combine the perspectives of business processes and IT architecture management. Together with EAM by LeanIX, SAP Signavio solutions provide a comprehensive overview of the interconnections between SAP and related applications, which helps reduce uncertainty, continuously innovate, and accelerate the value of your SAP S/4HANA transformation.

  • EA SPM Integration
  • Operational Excellence

    SAP Signavio solutions and EAM by LeanIX link technology, IT, and infrastructure directly to business processes so you can have a clearer view of your business processes. Both solutions help you better understand where your business is, where you want it to go, and how you can become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. Using SAP Signavio solutions with EAM by LeanIX allows you to holistically address strategic process transformations from a business and IT perspective by removing roadblocks and eliminating time-consuming rework for each process.

  • EA Operational Excellence