Radically Optimize
Your Procure-to-Pay

Unlock the real value in P2P to build a healthier bottom line, by saving time, standardizing processes, and reducing waste & fraud.

An Integrated Approach to Process Improvement

  • Design & Discover

    SAP Signavio offers an all-in-one procure-to-pay solution built for continuous improvement. First, you define the goals you want to achieve by improving your P2P. You might want to deliver savings of time and money, streamline your procurement, build better supplier and vendor relationships, or refine some other factor affecting your procure to pay cycle. Then, you can take a deep dive into your ‘as-is’ process environment, and answer the question, “How does my P2P process actually work, end-to-end, right now?”

  • Automate & Assess

    It’s time to re-think the way you work, by changing workflows, removing manual processes and redundant steps, and tightening approval chains. You could also bring automation to bear on individual steps within your P2P processes. Once you’ve made your changes, use SAP Signavio solutions to assess their effectiveness. Seeing the impact in real time means you can make sure you’re headed in the right direction, boosting competitive advantage and improving stakeholder experiences.

  • Implement & Monitor

    Continuous improvement is the name of the game. You’ve improved your P2P processes once, so there’s no reason you can’t do it again...and again. By implementing ongoing improvements, you can refine your processes to reach their maximum efficiency and potential. To understand the impact of your changes, you can monitor each individual step, and zoom out to track how the overall process is working. Next step? Start the virtuous improvement loop all over again.

  • In a global survey, 62% of organizations said standardizing sourcing and procurement processes was their top priority.

  • According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 10% of all occupational fraud is committed by finance or purchasing employees.

  • Nearly three-quarters of medium to large enterprises still use manual invoice processing.

Unlocking Value in Your P2P Processes

  • Take the helm for continuous improvement

    SAP Signavio solutions combine all the tools you need to audit and optimize your entire P2P process, from start to finish, in one place. The powerful combination of detailed data and strategic overview means you can uncover the actionable insights you need to optimize your processes, then keep optimizing and reinforcing the benefits over time.

  • Define Your Objectives

    Quickly and simply model one of the most critical processes in your organization. Build a clear picture of the interactions, areas of responsibility, and connecting tasks spanning multiple systems, operations, and business areas. Get the strategic overview you need to optimize your P2P process, and increase the speed and efficiency of your entire business.

  • Follow Your Flow

    SAP Signavio gives you complete visibility into the life-cycle of any task within your procure-to-pay process, from vendor selection to invoice generation to payments. Using data from common source systems, the easy-to-use and technology-driven analytical tools within the cloud-based SAP Signavo solutions suite can highlight trends, exceptions, and outliers within your transaction environment, as well as those all-important improvement opportunities. In other words, the way your P2P process actually works.

  • Analyze Your Processes

    Discover the cost and efficiency savings hidden within your P2P processes—as well as the elements that are holding you back. Track details like time spent on updating information already in the system, the lead time between different steps in the process, and the average handling time for different approval stages. Eliminate rework, identify bottlenecks, enhance compliance outcomes, and ensure all staff have the resources to complete their tasks most efficiently.

  • Share Your Improvements

    SAP Signavio solutions enable continuous communication across your procurement team, your purchasing department, and your entire business. You can easily share recommendations to improve process execution, negotiate further changes, and align all the different teams responsible for elements of the P2P process. This collaborative approach also ensures you’re linking high-level decisions with your operational reality.