SAP Signavio Value Accelerators

Ready-to-use content for business process transformation.

Faster time to value and confidence in outcomes

To aid our customers be fast and efficient in transformation, we equip them not only with best-in-class solutions and methodology, but also with ready-to-use content and best practices that help them accelerate time to value, while improving confidence in outcomes. 
SAP Signavio Value Accelerators are sets of content that are specific for a theme – such as a business challenge, process, product, industry – and help you accelerate the time to value of your transformation projects.
They can be used or integrated with SAP Signavio and may include, for example, one or more of the following:
  • Capability maps and reference architectures
  • Business process models​
  • Ready to use metrics​, dashboards and data transformation templates
  • Innovation and correction recommendations
  • Best practices, deployment details and localization requirements for SAP products​
  • Connectors, integrations, other technical enablers and more…
A wide selection of content assets contained within SAP Signavio Value Accelerators can be browsed via SAP Signavio Process Explorer. For deployment and localization details specific to SAP products, you can consult SAP Signavio Process Navigator.

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Value Accelerators

Accelerate time to value of your transformation projects
No matter if you aim to transform an existing process, improve incrementally, start a new business model, or go through a large digital or IT transformation, SAP Signavio Value Accelerators are designed to serve your specific transformational challenges and use-cases. They bundle together the assets you need to speed up your transformation program and accelerate the time to achieve benefits.
Provide a clear framework to start
SAP Signavio Value Accelerators help you quickly find your answers. They provide direction and guidance, avoiding the complexity, time and costs to start from a blank slate. Efforts for your implementation and delivery teams are reduced, you can get ahead with pre-built content that can be adapted to your own requirements.
Mitigate project risks, avoid errors and reworking
To be elevated to the dimension of “accelerator”, any asset is tested and enriched by many, meaning that adopting SAP Signavio Value Accelerators you can act confidently, and you are always exposed to the latest and greatest practices.  Implementation times and costs are more predictable as you apply proven best practices that are a best match to your solutions.
Draw on the experience of SAP and partners
SAP Signavio Value Accelerators represent the collective knowledge from thousands of transformation projects delivered by SAP and its ecosystem. They can be delivered by SAP or by partners who are innovators in their specific domain. Together we represent a world-class community of process, technology, and industry experts.

Why choose SAP Signavio Value Accelerators

Support your business objectives
SAP Signavio Value Accelerators are designed around your business objectives. For example, a value accelerators can support cash optimization by delivering metrics and dashboards that can speed up the analysis of your lead to cash activities, process models to inspire your process redesign, and innovation recommendations to gain new levels of efficiency.
Meet the unique requirements of your process and industry
Lead to cash, idea to market, plan to fulfill, source to pay, finance, and much more: SAP Signavio Value Accelerators are designed to support your core processes and highest-impact use cases. Industry-specific versions are also available that serve the needs of your specific sector such as Retail, Utilities, Oil and Gas, and Energy.
Are SAP-specific and solution-independent
SAP Signavio Value Accelerators offer sets of content that can be dedicated to different SAP systems such as S/4HANA (on premise and private cloud), S/4HANA Cloud, SAP ERP Central Component, SuccessFactors, SAP Business Network, SAP for Utilities, as well as non-SAP systems such as Salesforce Sales Cloud, ServiceNow and Jira.
Are consumed or integrated with SAP Signavio
SAP Signavio Value Accelerators can be leveraged within SAP Signavio products (SAP Signavio Process Manager, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, SAP Signavio Process Insights) and be consumed within integrated products such as LeanIX. Also, they are a key component of our plug and gain approach.

SAP Signavio Value Accelerators in detail

For every phase of the journey

SAP Signavio delivers value accelerators and best practices supporting each phase of the transformation or improvement journey:
  • You can more easily scope your project with strategic objectives, goals, business capability and solution maps and reference architectures
  • You can accelerate your time to analysis with data extractions and transformation templates, process flows, metrics, performance indicators, dashboards
  • Preconfigured process models can help you design your processes better and faster
  • You can accelerate time to action and deployments by applying product best practices and innovation recommendations as well as solution processes with links to executables, configurations, test scripts, set up instructions and more
A value accelerator can contain one or more of these assets.
For every phase of the journey
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