Why it’s a smart time to speed up

The new normal is disruption. Since the pandemic hit, organizations of all sizes and industries have been pushing the fast-forward button of transformation, condensing decades of innovation into two or three years.

Still, while companies have been bold at undertaking massive and multiple innovation initiatives, research shows that transformational efforts often strain to reach the finish line on time. Many transformations stay in pilot for too long, struggle to be accomplished, or go off the rails, ultimately losing momentum and commitment from stakeholders.

SAP Signavio Value Accelerators put organizations in the fast lane.

A value accelerator can be specific for a theme (such as product or industry) and may include one or a combination of the following:

  • Best-practice process models
  • Business capability and solution maps
  • Benchmarks, metrics and dashboards
  • SAP best-practice and product-innovation recommendations
  • Thought leadership papers, how-to manuals and videos
  • Connectors, integrations, data transformation templates and other technical enablers

Your organization may be transforming an existing process (such as lead to cash or source to pay), starting a new business model, or going through a large IT transformation (such as the move to SAP S/4HANA). Whatever your plans, SAP Signavio Value Accelerators bundle together the ingredients for a successful project.

Knowledge and value accelerators readily available to you

The SAP Signavio Process Explorer solution is your gateway to a myriad of contents and value accelerators. It represents your destination to learn, explore, and consult this collective knowledge.

The value of the community

Our One Process Acceleration Layer practice generates and collects a variety of value accelerators both from SAP and our partner ecosystem. A global community of process and industry experts gives you the combined experience of thousands of projects delivered.

Your benefits:

  • Speed up time to value with ready-to-go, preconfigured scenarios and models built around your specific needs
  • Jump start your transformation projects by leveraging industry, product and process-specific value accelerators that can inspire you at every step of transformation
  • Learn from peers and build upon their experiences. By applying proven best practices, you can reduce errors and project risks and operate with confidence
  • Improve continuously by being exposed to the latest best practices and industry standards, which generate from the community and evolve with it