Data-driven process improvement for SAP and non-SAP Processes

From gained efficiency through optimized cycle times and supply chains or increased automation to excelling in customer expectations - process mining can help.
SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is a collaborative process mining solution that helps you unleash the power in your process and experience data to transform your business.

Our expert Manuel Meindl, Process Intelligence Product Lead at SAP Signavio talks in this webcast about these possibilities, concrete recommendations on how best to get up and running and answers all your questions.

We will cover the following topics in this webcast:

  • See the fundamentals, core use cases, and benefits of process mining and why it matters even more to any organization in today’s turbulent environment of hyperinflation and supply chain instability

  • Learn why SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is different from traditional process mining solutions and a perfect match for your continuous process improvement

  • Experience how Signavio helps reduce your time to insights and identify root causes of poorly performing processes or low experience metrics

More information about the webcast:

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About the speakers

Manuel Meindl, Process Intelligence Product Lead - Value Accelerators SAP Signavio, SAP