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Agility Through Process-based ERP Transformation

Represented by its many subsidies in Europe, the Wernsing Food Family (WFF) manufactures potato products and delicatessen such as salads and sauces. Its comprehensive product portfolio, unique working processes and technologies, and company promise to be able to react flexibly to market requirements make organization-wide transparency essential.

In order to harmonize and standardize systems, data and processes, Wernsing Food Family is implementing a new ERP solution. At the foundation of this implementation and roll-out is company-wide process management. Reducing the complexity of the IT landscape enables an agile response to customer and market requirements.

Mastering Challenges and Identifying Opportunities with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP® Signavio® Solutions

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Large product portfolio, complex workflows, and conflicting technologies
  • Acquisitions and autonomous sub-companies, growing diversity in all business units, partial process optimization rather than end to end
  • Increasing complexity of system architecture, spurring high demand for standardization and harmonization of systems, data, and processes


  • A central solution for lifecycle management process
  • Process analysis functions for predicting process influences, simulation function for shorter response times
  • Process documentation forms a basis for a successful SAP S/4HANA® implementation
  • Representation of all data migration and interfaces between processes and ERP systems
  • SAP® Signavio® Process Collaboration Hub as central knowledge base

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Deeper understanding of process influences on overarching business areas such as order-to-cash, plan-to-ship, and record-to-report
  • Fluid communication between business and IT
  • Rapid acceptance by the business units thanks to the recognizable added value of the transformation

"We can design process optimization end-to-end in our complex organization with SAP Signavio solutions. Now, we benefit from cross-system transparency and more results in less time. This enables us to respond with agility to the needs of the market."

Jürgen Middelbeck, Head of Global Applications/SAP Project Manager, WFF IT-Service GmbH

Efficiently Designing SAP S/4HANA® Implementation

By linking SAP S/4HANA® with SAP® Signavio® solutions, the company and its transformation become more efficient.

Documented as-is processes can be compared with SAP best practices and process interfaces with the ERP system can be identified, such as documents or data flows within and outside the IT systems. This enables Wernsing Food Family to identify potential for improvement at an early stage. For example, those responsible can find out where systems and data can be harmonized and better used. In addition, the changeover to the respective target process becomes more efficient.

"Our system architecture is easily visible from within the business processes, as the solutions provide an architecture view in addition to the process view. This holistic view is important for accomplishing our SAP S/4HANA transformation."

Andre Bertke, Head of Global Processes and Projects, WFF IT-Service GmbH