Admin|Arrange business trip

Make preparations before travelling on business

Process goal

Make various kinds of bookings for a business trip, such as travel and accommodation.


A business trip is an example of a process with simple and complex versions. A simple trip is to one location for one appointment (e.g. a meeting) or spanning multiple days (e.g. a conference). However, a trip may include multiple appointments or locations.


Form - a list of appointments.


This process consists of a number of parallel preparation steps, followed by a task to collect the resulting plans in a printed trip folder for the traveller.

Note that the 'Book hire car' task is conditional, depending on whether the traveller uses public transport.


Personal assistant.


  • Destination (Text)
  • Start (Date)
  • End (Date)
  • Use public transport (Yes/No)
  • Appointments (List of Link) - links to web-based calendar entries


Business trip forms introduce a new requirement: date-time fields instead of just dates. A trip has dates, but you can sometimes be more specific about when you have to be somewhere, if there is a first appointment. A special case is when the first appointment is at the start of a day, for a location that means travelling the day before. It also matters what time of day the end of the trip is, so person who books travel can book the next available flight home.

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