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Tag: Workflow Modeling

Workflow Integration - man with four arms sitting in front of a laptop

Integrating a workflow with external web services

Integrating a spreadsheet with a workflow

Product Lifecycle Management - Man working on a car engine

Product Lifecycle Management with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Scheduling Internal Controls - Workflow -Worker in front of a workflow screen

Automatically Scheduling Internal Controls with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

How to automate your ‘four-eye’ approvals in Signavio Workflow

How to automate your training course workflow - 2 employees sitting iin front of a computer

Managing training course delivery with Signavio Workflow

How to automatically trigger a workflow- finger gesture on a mobile device

How to automatically trigger a workflow with form data

Farmer gathering on his field: Gathering your own crop in modern times can mean, dogfooding a publishing workflow

Dogfooding publishing workflow automation at Signavio

Saving time and money by automating status updates

Know Your Customer banking processes in Signavio Workflow

Building custom activity types using sub-processes

Workflow management with spreadsheets - a watch in parts

Identifying spreadsheets that are really workflows

Using approval workflows to ensure diagram quality

The ROI for replacing email with workflow notifications

Workflow Management for HR

Effektif 3.7 release

Workflow management for business operations

Onboarding employees with Signavio Workflow

Effektif 3.6 release

Project management with Signavio Workflow

Approving expense claims with Signavio Workflow

Signing contracts with Signavio Workflow

Email notification patterns

Collaboration workflow patterns

Workflow management at an insurer

Adding case management to your productivity toolset

Vacation request - so you can go and sit on a tropical beach

The ‘Hello, World!’ of process modelling

Box.com integration

I’ve documented my processes, what’s next?

Google Cloud Print Integration

What spreadsheets can teach us about workflow

Responding to customer email enquiries

Email and the future of conversations

Use your time for the really important topics

Why you should consider workflow management

Getting BPM up and running - applying process models

How to choose which process to automate first

Five results of executing processes in Effektif

Hiring employees with Signavio Workflow

Press Release: Effektif Adds Open Source Workflow to its Cloud BPM Solution

Invoice processing screencast

Customer invoice processing with late payment reminders

Insurance example - screencast

Using role-based assignment in Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Workflow management for insurances

Insurance example - processing a claim

Salesforce integration tutorial

Salesforce integration screencast

Salesforce workflow integration