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product documentation survey - five stars

What the People Want: Signavio Product Documentation Survey

how to automate complex business decisions product launch blog image

Automate complex business rules | Signavio Workflow Accelerator

data visualization with process intelligence

Data visualization: The key to optimization

process manager multi language import and export product release blog image

Multi-language import and export | Signavio Process Manager

Signavio live blog post

Global premiere: Signavio Live, coming to a screen near you

Signavio GDPR Resource Center

Signavio GDPR Resource Center: The Global GDPR 2019 Influencer

Siggi im Berliner Zoo

Welcome to the Signavio family, Siggi!

black and white photo of the six Signavio founders standing together

People Powered: Change and Growth at Signavio

Signav10 turns 10 birthday

Signav10 turns 10: Number crunching the unimaginable…

10 years process change and insight

Signavio: 10 Years of Process Management

Customer Excellence Disney

Excellence Equals Everyone Engaged!

10 years process change and insight

2009-2019 - A Decade of Change

Process of Running - Image of feet running

The Process of Running

Signavio at #BTOES19

Bringing customer excellence to life at #BTOES19

Women at Signavio - 5 female Signavians smiling in a row

Celebrating Female Talent at Signavio

Experiences with process mining 2019

Mining gold (processes): Practical experiences with process mining 2019

Mark McGregor interview part two blog

'Involve Your Whole Team': BPM Strategy with Mark McGregor

Mark McGregor interview blog image

'Accept Constant Change': BPM Strategy with Mark McGregor

Signavio in 2018 - BPM World

2018: Signavio's Year in Review

Code Camp 2018 - kicker table image

Code Camp 2018: Just another good reason to work at Signavio!

Signavio Staff

The Business Case for Diversity

watermelon and feta salad

Freshen up your processes with the Signavio BPM Cookbook

LGBT+ Inclusive Tech Companies blog photo

LGBT+ Inclusive Tech Companies: Fostering Pride and Inclusion

Signavio Staff

More Diversity, More Innovation

Happy Birthday Signavio team

Celebrating Nine Years of BPM for Everyone: Happy Birthday Signavio!

Video: 2018 is the year of BPM facts and feelings

2018 Amazon shareholder letter response - Gero speaking to camera

Process Management Takes a Starring Role in Amazon's 2018 Shareholder Letter

Business Leaders Luncheon - table setting

Event Recap: Signavio Business Leaders Luncheon

Signavio Business Breakfasts

Event Recap: Signavio Business Breakfast Tour

Scrum master Adiya interview picture

Scrum master expert interview: Adiya Mohr


We’ve got soul, man – SAP® integration

Tomorrow's World map made of lights

Tomorrow’s World: Revamp the Status Quo

Customer Centric - holding a compass to the stars

Customer Centric: Revolution not Evolution

ERP transformation guide

ERP transformation guide

Workflow Accelerator Screenshot

Workflow Accelerator update—Cases and tasks


2018 BPM predictions—and resolutions!

Looking Back at 2017

The Signavio Gazelle saves Christmas!

Image of Rachel Stiles

Two hundred and one Signavians!

iterative software development - man on a step

Why Signavio practices an iterative approach to software development

Business Goals Modeling Processes with ArchiMate on a Notebook

Modeling Business Goals with ArchiMate


Is Your 9 - 5 Schedule Making You Less Agile?

Signvaio by the numbers

Signavio by the Numbers

Employees sitting at a table and laughing about BPM jokes

BPM jokes

Girls' Day bei Signavio: Emilie, Henny und Anne im Gespräch

Girl Power at Signavio!

CEO Gero Decker on Amazon's Annual Shareholder Letter

signavio review 2016: Christmas bauble on the tree

Signavio – 2016: Our Year in Review

Process-Intelligence-Interview: view-over-an-illuminated-city

Process Intelligence: Interview with Dr. Gero Decker, CEO Signavio


Signavio Customer Day 2016 - Experience Combined Process and Decision Management

Signavio Code Camp Recap!

Signavio-Design Block und Stift

Signavio Redesign for Process Editor and Decision Manager

Effektif 3.7 release

Effektif 3.6 release

Usability & performance improvements

Great Feedback for Effektif! Expense Claims Process in 5 Minutes with Effektif

Effektif named as a “Cool Vendor”

Introducing Effektif