Process Management Meets Crisis Management: Signavio Webcasts

Written by Lucas de Boer | 5 min read
Published on: May 7th 2020 - Last modified: May 13th, 2022
process management meets crisis management

No one is immune to the impacts of COVID-19. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are facing an enormous burden, attempting to balance the need to keep their wheels turning, ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees, and looking toward a radically changed global market in the months and years to come. In this continuation of our blog series on responding to a crisis, we highlight some of the downloadable Signavio webcasts that can help smooth the way when process management meets crisis management.

What happens when process management meets crisis management?

In a word: synergy. Think of process management as the underlying bedrock on which your crisis management framework is built. When both are working effectively together, you have a secure foundation of robust, optimized, shared processes from which you can launch agile and responsive crisis management initiatives.

The same is true whether you are focused on reorienting existing activities within your business, or creating new ones. The list of webcasts below gives you a range of insights into how you can ensure your business benefits from the synergy when process management meets crisis management.

Maintaining Process Reliability in Times of Crisis

In this webcast, Dr. Gero Decker, co-founder and CEO of Signavio, gives you the insights you need to define your organization’s key processes, and to roll them out quickly and efficiently following a disruptive event. Plus, he will share how to ensure your business is robust enough to absorb ad-hoc process changes in trying times.

You’ll also find out how Signavio can help you monitor tasks, locate the right data when you need it, and drive intelligent decision making in an uncomplicated and agile way. The webcast also covers how to ensure you have understanding and buy-in from your employees for any new approaches, and how to respond to changing touchpoints from customers and employees. For the perfect introduction to everything you need when process management meets crisis management, view the webcast now: Maintaining Process Reliability in Times of Crisis

Financial Services: The Need for Flexible Processes to Weather a Crisis

The crisis-driven market downturn has customers scrambling for safe investments. At the same time, financial services companies are being forced to support remote working, all while legacy platforms are close to buckling under the strain. Now, more than ever, it is critical for companies to understand their end-to-end processes and apply intelligent automation just to survive.

Although this webcast has a focus on financial services, there are a range of insights to be gathered for all industries, particularly around the role of business process technologies (including process mining, modeling and automation). Discover how tech can enable the business transformation initiatives required to support remote work and customer self-service. If you’re interested in how business process technologies work to address the key C-level issues of innovation, risk, cost and customer retention, this is the webcast for you! View it here: Flexible Processes to Weather a Crisis

Banking Focus: Process Fundamentals to Manage Resilience, Compliance, Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Continuing the theme, this webcast focuses on what banking executives and operational leaders need to know regarding robust management of business processes for continued operational resilience, improved compliance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and accelerated transformation to meet organizational goals.

Once again, though the focus is on a particular sector, leaders and process experts from every industry will benefit from this webcast’s explanation of exactly what components make a process ecosystem robust enough to enable continued management of operations and compliance, no matter the circumstances. View the webcast here: Process Fundamentals to Manage Resilience, Compliance, Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Taking the next step webcasts

Not all of Signavio’s webcasts focus on the precise moment when process management meets crisis management. As with many organizations and governments around the world, we are looking to the future, to establish new ways of working in the face of drastic changes. The following webcasts take this same approach.

Automating and Accelerating Operating Model Change to Transform Business

Most enterprises go through significant change several times; even COVID-19 is just one event among many, despite its widespread impact. As a result, many businesses don’t build the internal depth of knowledge that would enable them to accelerate change safely and repeatedly. This webcast looks at some modern tools and techniques that can accelerate change, and ensure the safety and success of your business transformation projects.

Learn more about capturing your current operating model quickly, and defining the critical operating model changes needed for successful execution of your business strategy. Also, discover how process mining with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can help you roll out sustainable changes for large groups of employees. Get the webcast here: Automating and Accelerating Operating Model Change to Transform Business

Digital Foundations to Transform Customer Experiences

To survive a crisis, businesses must put an even greater focus on customers. Keeping customers happy, connected with your business, and informed at all times is vital, and you can build on this foundation to create powerful and positive customer experiences in the future, too.

The focus of this webcast moves beyond where process management meets crisis management, and into the realm of customer excellence (CEX). You will learn just how to get started on a customer experience initiative, how to activate customer experience management by linking the lines of interaction, customer visibility and internal workflows, and how to bring internal stakeholders on board with your plans. If your business has customers, this webcast is not to be missed. View it here: Digital Foundations to Transform Customer Experiences

An Agile Framework for Implementing Intelligent Automation

In a time when staff capacity is drastically reduced thanks to lockdown orders and remote working, many organizations are turning to automation to fill the gaps. But if your underlying processes are not optimized, automation just means you’ll end up doing the wrong thing, faster. This webcast will help you avoid this risk, and many others, by providing a proven, agile implementation framework for intelligent automation that minimizes risk and accelerates the return on investment.

If you’re considering automation but are uncertain of the outcomes, the insights in this webcast will help you get the answers you need quickly, and in a manner that ensures a rapid ROI. To cost-effectively begin your automation journey, and get started on assessing the challenges and opportunities inherent in adding new resources like ‘bots’, view the webcast here: An Agile Framework for Implementing Intelligent Automation

Charge your capacity with Signavio

During a time when day-to-day business has undeniably slowed, educational resources like the webcasts listed above offer an effective means to build knowledge and capacity for your organization’s future.

They also help explain why the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite sits at the intersection where process management meets crisis management. The Suite is a powerful, all-in-one solution that allows you to model and optimize your business processes, so they are strong enough to handle a crisis.

As ever, Signavio’s 90-day COVID-19 Rapid Response Package offers immediate help to companies of all types and sizes, including NGOs and healthcare organizations, to ensure business continuity. You can also find details of all our additional resources related to the COVID-19 crisis.

In the meantime, you can follow updates on COVID-19 on the World Health Organization website. On behalf of the entire Signavio team, take care of yourself, your colleagues, and your loved ones.

Published on: May 7th 2020 - Last modified: May 13th, 2022