SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite: Velocity Edition

Fast, just got faster! Optimize your business with accelerated real-time insights

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite

The Velocity Edition


The Launchpad

Welcome to the new Signavio Launchpad! This is your own personalized home within the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub. With the Launchpad, you can access all your essential content, engage with workflows, and trigger investigations. Fast, just got faster! With one click of the 'Create' button, you can start BPMN models, CJM initiatives, process mining investigations, and more – all whilst collaborating like never before.

Monitoring in the Launchpad

With the new Hub, you can completely customize what you want to see and how you see it! Set the Hub experience according to user groups and user interests to reduce time-to-value. Set up widgets or themes using audience images or colors to help keep better track of workspaces. From login, take an overview of a process mining investigation to monitor what is really going on in your business.  

Smooth integration between mining, modeling, and automation

The Hub kick-starts the smooth integration between mining, modeling, and automation. Access all the tools you need to optimize your transformation and end-to-end process transparency. Accelerate the wisdom of the crowd with easy navigation through folders, search, process mining investigations, and even workflow data. Fast, just got faster!

Suite search functionality

Search the entire Suite with the new search functionality. Find all process information relevant to your role. Work across tasks and process mining investigations instantly. Plus, find workflow content in the Hub and get to what you need to know faster than ever!

Faster collaborative capabilities

Improved commenting experience and notifications across tasks and diagrams. The gap is closed between responsibility and action, as employees are notified personally about any steps required across daily work. Better understand what is expected to drive improved results.

One-click sharing

This capability is a revolution in model creation and collaboration. Enable your workforce by empowering the flow of models through the Suite. Use the share functionality to instantly share modeling feedback, reviews, and comments across the Suite, effectively.

Faster consumption and understanding

Consume your process content far more easily and quickly with the collaborative power of the Hub! Travel through your processes, taking a step-by-step and activity-by-activity overview. You can even enhance your processes by connecting further details and documents! Plus, connect KPIs to your models, so users genuinely understand what is expected of them.

All-new Personalization

User theming, with colors or images! Manage how the Hub looks and feels across the workplace for user groups. You can even choose an image to enable next-level brand identity, helping employees to understand which space they are working in. Structure tasks for better clarity. *Video coming soon!

Suite user management

Create, organize, and share Attribute Groups for clarity and turbocharged efficiency and effectiveness. Now you can filter user-specific results across the Suite to streamline massive data logs with one simple click. Users can also be assigned to groups with additional custom visibility options for attributes and Attribute Groups. *Video coming soon!
The SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite: Velocity Edition supports our transformation globally
Mark Saul - Head of Process Management, SAP