Webcast - Financial Services: The Need for Flexible Processes to Weather a Crisis


The current pandemic crisis and resultant market downturn has customers scrambling for safe investments, and financial services companies being forced to support remote working, all while legacy platforms creak precariously under the strain. Now, more than ever, it is critical for companies to understand their end-to-end processes and apply intelligent automation just to survive. Market leaders with flexible processes will be able to adjust quickly to the rapidly-changing environment, and even offer new business models and products suited to the uncertain times ahead.

Business process agility helps improve top-line goals during financial crisis

Here's what you can expect to learn by attending this webcast:

  • The role of business process technologies - including process mining, modeling and automation - in enabling the digital transformation initiatives required to support remote work and customer self-service.
  • How business process technologies work to address the key C-level issues of innovation, risk, cost and customer retention.
  • How to quickly enable and roll out new investment products with process modeling and automation.

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About the speaker


Sandy Kemsley

Sandy Kemsley is a 'technology catalyst'. She has a 30-year history of software design and application architecture, combined with a deep understanding of business environments and how technology can impact them. She has founded and run three companies: a systems integration services company, a software product company and her current consulting company – with responsibility for corporate and financial governance, strategic direction, and day-to-day technical contributions.

At a Glance:


Webinar - Financial Services: The Need for Flexible Processes to Weather a Crisis


11:00 am EST

How long

35 minutes + Q&A


Sandy Kemsley, BPM Architect and industry analyst