Customer Excellence set to become the new business imperative

Written by Gero Decker | 2 min read
Published on: March 19th 2019 - Last modified: January 25th, 2021
customer excellence

Dr. Gero Decker, Mark McGregor, and Jim Sinur estimate that the market for software and services to support Customer Excellence will exceed $100bn inside two years, and may rise to as much as $300bn within five years. Discover why…

Customer Excellence: The Vision of Business Survival

We are happy to announce a new thought-leader collaboration between Gero DeckerMark McGregor, and Jim Sinur to create, define and promote Customer Excellence (CEX): A fresh, unique, and vendor/technology/method-neutral approach for business survival.

We suggest that today’s organizations are potentially wasting hundreds of millions of dollars by continuing to adopt silo-based approaches to process improvement, operational excellence (OpEx), customer experience, and supply chain management.


Connecting Processes with the Customer

A better understanding of today’s technology

It is more critical than ever to break down the silos that have been an issue in the process arena since even before the 90s. The hope was that as businesses became more customer-centric, or customer-focused, work connectivity would improve. Instead, what we have seen in reality is further departmental decoupling, with organizational segments going so far as to use the term “customer” differently. This has caused a chasm between automated process teams and non-automation teams.


Customer Excellence reputation and relationships

Today, organizations must build a reputation and a relationship with customers which is so much more than mere interactions; it is about trust. Getting this wrong means disengaging the customer base.

The only way to ensure success is to reorient everything your business does around the customer. Let customers and their demands become your North Star. Make sure that all departments of the organization, and all staff, clearly understand that what they do and how they interact affects customers and the organization's ability to deliver on its promises.

To succeed, we must connect our business processes directly to the drive to delight customers. However, we must look beyond traditional constructs towards more excellence initiatives.

The new Customer Excellence Reality

The new reality is, organizations must now dismantle the silos if they want to survive and thrive. Customers are demanding more and more from us all, and only organizations that consistently deliver experiences that delight customers, over any journey, or any channel all the time, will survive.

Customer Excellence as the new business imperative

Customer Excellence means organizations can naturally drive better customer understanding. Whether you are a five-year start-up or a 200-year established player, the reality is the same. You are not just playing by a new rule book; the rulebook is torn up, and customers are now making the rules themselves. Technology is helping them establish and change their reality, continuously and forever.

Discover World Class Customer Excellence

Upcoming resources

The first primary content for this new body of work will be the forthcoming book “How to Deliver a World Class Customer Excellence Program”–and if you have not already registered for a chance to win your free copy, then head over to the registration page now!

Later this year you can expect a second book that dives deeper into why Customer Excellence will become the new business imperative.

But in the meantime, while waiting on those “Customer Excellence” resources, why not take a look at some things you can apply now, including:

Published on: March 19th 2019 - Last modified: January 25th, 2021