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The challenges

Digital transformation is forcing companies worldwide, and across all industries, into survival mode. Even the largest, most established corporations are being challenged to adapt not only what they do, but how they do it. For these larger organizations, complexity and siloed-thinking can block the way forward, and few companies can say their simplification efforts are as effective as they could be.

The response

SAP, one of the world’s leading software companies, is answering the challenges posed by the complexity of digital change through greater empowerment of their employees and customers. By embarking upon a company-wide digital and operational transformation with Signavio, SAP aims to make its business processes easy to access, understand, and use for their worldwide workforce of tens of thousands of employees.

“The key to a successful transformation is the ability to understand processes, identify improvements and simplify operations. With the help of Signavio, we recently completed the process journey that helps identify and eliminate weaknesses in our processes.” (Mark Saul, Head of Process Management, SAP (2017-2019))

Upgraded customer experience

Now, having worked with Signavio and aligned the customer lifecycle, SAP's redesigned customer and operations lifecycle is a further critical and visual link between internal operations and the customer, supporting transformation objectives across outside-in perspectives.

This way, by connecting the process journey with the customer journey, it is easier for customers to collaborate and do business with SAP. Also, an increased focus on customer experience will provide the data needed to simplify SAP’s operations, while improving consumer touchpoints at the same time.

We needed to add this layer of customer understanding to our process journey. The customer lifecycle shows where our operations interact with the customer, providing transparency, and a holistic view to improve the customer experience. When you add the collaborative capabilities of Signavio, we are developing new strategic capabilities.” (Mark Saul)

SAP customer and operations lifecycle

Understanding the customer

To succeed, SAP needed the means to help all employees better understand their operations in a single, simple view. Beginning with the documentation of the current state of every operational process from an end-to-end perspective, the project culminated with the creation and delivery of a learning platform.

The platform enables all SAP employees to see how the company’s processes function and impact the customer—and how their work contributes to success. This unprecedented visibility also means all employees now have the opportunity to identify areas for improvement, simplify operations, and suggest new innovations in each operational unit at SAP.

“We are currently running two operational excellence transformations internally, which have a significant impact across SAP globally, and on our employee and customer experience. SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub helps us add transparency and bring experience and operational data together. This is essential for next-gen process management.” (Mark Saul)

The Velocity Edition

The accelerated customer and operations lifecycle capabilities are managed via SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub, which is supporting SAP's operational excellence initiative by uniting operational data with process management and real-time collaboration. The Hub helps create models that can be shared seamlessly throughout organizations.

... The evolution of collaboration

With SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub, content is created, captured, and shared by anyone, any time, across investigations and customer/transformation initiatives. This includes using Signavio’s process transparency to drive the company’s digital and cloud strategies. By acting as a single source of truth, employees across SAP have a meeting point to combine their work and expertise, with critical information available to all users in a single place so that processes function smoothly and efficiently.

“With SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub, the interaction with different line of business users and customers enables knowledge transfer as well as cooperation across board areas. The Hub's operational functionality underpins each component, serving as a central point of contact for securing collective knowledge, collaborating, and communicating across and within the organization.” (Mark Saul)

*Visit the Velocity Edition release page.

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