Intelligent Automation: Minimize risk and accelerate ROI

This webinar will provide a proven, agile implementation framework for Intelligent Automation that minimizes risk and accelerates the return on investment. The Uncertainty Effect dictates that if people can't properly assess risk and reward, they will generally put greater weight on risk. This principle manifests itself when business leaders are considering Intelligent Automation but are uncertain of the outcomes. The four-stage process outlined in this webinar enables business leaders to get answers quickly and in a manner that ensures a rapid ROI.

Expect to come away with a greater understanding of:

  • A framework to de-risk the implementation of Intelligent Automation
  • An approach for cost-effectively getting started on your automation journey
  • A methodology for selecting the right processes to automate
  • The challenges/opportunities inherent in adding new resources such as 'bots'

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About the speaker

Andrew Woessner is the CEO of Telogical Systems, a mid-size, privately held research and software development company and the CEO and Founder of R-Path Automation, a consulting company specializing in helping companies successfully implement Intelligent Automation.

After taking over as CEO of Telogical Systems in 2004, the organization grew fifteen-fold and enjoyed ten consecutive years of growth. R-Path Automation was established in 2017 as an internal team to help Telogical cope with shifting market forces. The experience of implementing automation to generate the triple benefit of lower costs, higher employee engagement, and higher customer satisfaction prompted Andrew to formally launch R-Path Automation to help other mid-size organizations take advantage of rapidly-evolving automation technologies.