Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.13.0 (SaaS)

February 3rd 2018

New / Improved Functions

  • We significantly improved performance when navigating folders in Collaboration Hub.
  • Thai characters are now supported in process documentation reports.
  • Editing large lists of dictionary links in QuickModel (e.g. as custom attribute value) can now be done in a full screen window, which also has a reordering functionality.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • Newly invited users with a Hub license and no group are no longer granted individual access rights to the process documentation templates.
    • When generating a job profile report from the Dictionary, the resulting report would always be blank.
    • The location of descriptions on BPMN gateways and outgoing sequence flows were not always at the location set by the user when opening a model.
    • Previously defined decision logic was not preserved when canceling a linking operation for a DMN decision.
    • Events in the recent changes list on the Collaboration Hub homepage were duplicated.
    • Default values for custom attributes were not displayed properly in the 'Define notations/attributes' dialogue.
    • The publish date would change when moving published models to another folder.
    • When selecting the option to log in to Signavio Workflow Accelerator with a Signavio Process Manager account, the user is redirected to Collaboration Hub instead of Workflow Accelerator.
    • Users with a Hub license could not create or print PDF files, see published files, or comment on published models.
    • Diagrams could not be saved if the Internet connection was interrupted.
    • Migrating row-based (horizontal) EPCs to BPMN resulted a messed up layout.
    • When logging in, an error message was displayed if a user's password did not fit the requirements. Now, users will be brought instead to the password change page.
    • It was impossible to change the model title in the save dialogue when the modeling guideline check was running.
    • It was impossible to merge dictionary entries with the same name.
    • Authentication with SHA-1 certificates is now disabled.