BPM for Everyone

Business Process Management (BPM) can be a tough topic to grasp onto. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of buzzwords and abstract concepts that make BPM difficult to relate to the real world. Here at Signavio, our passion is making BPM for Everyone, and so we looked to remedy this problem by finding a way to connect BPM to daily life.

What is an example of process that people experience every day, without even realizing it? And so...

The BPM Cookbook was born!

Recipes are, in fact, just processes, with events, activities, connectors and roles. The food they produce is similar to the desired outcome of a business process — be it excellent customer service, a timely invoice payment or effective employee on-boarding. Within these pages, you’ll see real recipes from Signavio employees around the world, mapped out in the easy-to-follow language of BPMN 2.0. We hope the BPM Cookbook helps show that BPM isn’t purely abstract - it’s something you interact with all the time! Download a copy to familiarize yourself with the standard, or to show friends and family what you mean when you say you’re a “process professional.” Bon appétit!

The BPM Cookbook has a little bit of something for everyone, a result of our collaborative approach to the project. Employees from different office locations and departments were all asked to model their recipes using our intuitive SAP Signavio Process Manager. This meant contributions could be made by any team member, regardless of their expertise in the tool. Why limit the fun to the technical experts? We believe in this philosophy for creating recipes, and we believe in it for creating business processes. The best dishes (and best business outcomes) are the product of a collaborative approach!

Check out a preview below and download the full book today.