Why is positive customer experience vital to business success?

At the most basic level, customer service encompasses a simple interaction. A customer has a particular need or expectation, and your business has a product or service that can match it. You provide the product or service to the consumer in exchange for payment, and the customer departs. You move on to the next customer, and repeat the same interaction for the next customer. Simple!

Of course, organizations of all shapes and sizes understand that this approach does not lead to the most successful or sustainable business model, let alone a great customer experience. Extensive studies have been conducted, articles and reports written, and consumers bombarded with market research questions, all in search of understanding what customers really want, and how businesses can offer it to them.

This is the next level of customer service: Not just caring about your customers but understanding them, anticipating their needs, predicting their behavior, and satisfying their desires almost before they know what they want. This emphasis on positive customer experience—how your customers actually experience your business—is what distinguishes the good from the great, and helps generate that all-important customer loyalty.

How can I use technology to build a positive customer experience?

The best way to build customer loyalty is to understand customer expectations, then orient your business around them. Understanding what your customers actually want may mean changing the way you do things, rather than just tinkering with processes that deliver the same things you always have. Here’s Signavio CEO Dr. Gero Decker with a perfect example of what that might look like:

We might be some way off from this ideal world, but there are plenty of technological changes that mean we’re moving in that direction. Online shopping and next-day delivery are the most established, but we can see the same ethos in targeted advertisements, social media marketing, and algorithms predicting the next purchase we might like.

In fact, the technology already exists to track the way customers interact with your business, in the form of customer journey mapping (CJM). One of the critical pillars of creating a powerful and positive customer experience is understanding the customer’s journey when interacting with each touchpoint within your organization’s processes. Customer journey mapping helps you do just that.

How customer journey mapping can help

By embracing the customer journey as a fundamental strategy, you can see and understand where your business processes need to change. In this way, an engineered, consistent, positive customer experience becomes the norm for your business. Supported by clear operational performance metrics based on your customer journey maps, and informed by meaningful customer feedback, this customer-centric approach is ideal for driving digital transformation and optimizing your organization.

This transformation can also put you on the right path towards a reputation and a relationship with customers that takes you beyond simple interactions, and into the realm of trust. In a world where one customer’s bad experience can lead to instant, widespread negative publicity, making sure that everyone within your organization clearly understands that what they do and how they interact affects customers is crucial to your organization’s ability to deliver on its promises. This is the next step many companies are working towards on the customer continuum: customer excellence.

Positive customer experience at Signavio

At Signavio, we pride ourselves on offering the same level of customer engagement and satisfaction to our own customers. For us—as it should be for all organizations—customer experience is not simply a project, it is the way we do business. That’s why Signavio is proud to have been named as a March 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Business Process Analysis.

Supported by rigorous selection criteria, the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinction is based on feedback and ratings from end-user professionals who have experience purchasing, implementing, and using products and technologies supporting their transformation initiatives. This means end-user experts at the forefront of business transformation initiatives worldwide endorse Signavio products, as well as the customer experience we offer. But you don’t have to take our word for it! You can see what some actual users had to say about Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite at the Gartner Peer Insights website.

Continuing our focus on understanding and delighting customers, Signavio is also pleased to have been recognized as a leader in customer journey mapping, especially as one of the only organizations to be doubly awarded by Aragon Research, as both a Hot Vendor™ and a Tech Spectrum Leader™ in the CJM field.

How to create a positive customer experience in your organization

Once you’ve decided to start mapping your customer journeys, pick up some helpful suggestions on how to place yourself properly in your customer’s journey, as well as the close relationship between business processes and customer journey mapping. If you’re ready to begin, why not see how Signavio can help build a customer-centric competitive advantage into your business, by signing up for a free 30-day trial today.

Published on: March 29th 2019 - Last modified: March 29th, 2019