Signavio identified as a Leader in Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ report

Signavio, a leading provider of cloud-based process modeling and business management and transformation systems, is named a Tech Spectrum™ Leader in the "Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Customer Journey Mapping, 2019" report.

Aragon Research Tech Spectrum 2019

"Compelling new leader"

The Leader identification follows Signavio’s Hot Vendor™ award

Aragon Research evaluated 27 global providers and segmented their results into three sector levels across product/service and performance dimensions. Signavio is described as a “compelling new leader” ¹ thanks to its “advanced features for transformations” ¹, among other key metrics.

Mark McGregor, Head of Strategy at Signavio, commented:

“Signavio is always striving to deliver easy to use products that delight customers, so we believe our designation as a Leader underlines the importance of Customer Journey Mapping as a tool for operational excellence professionals and the value we bring to this community. 

"Customer experience is often seen as disconnected from the underlying operations that deliver them. Instead, for customer experience to become a way of life for all companies, the tight coupling of experiences with the processes that deliver them through the use of Customer Journey Maps, will become a game changer.”

Mark concluded:

“We believe to be recognized as a Leader in the Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ is a great testament to the Signavio skillset, and our passion for business transformation and operational excellence.”

Customer Journey Mapping for improved business opportunities

Aragon predicts that by 2021, 90% of enterprises will significantly improve their customer journeys to compete effectively and tap into new revenue opportunities.

Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research, added:

“Enterprises need to simplify the buyer journey in order to stay competitive. Customer Journey Mapping helps take the guesswork out of this process, making it easier to create smoother customer journeys.”

Aragon Research Hot Vendor™

Signavio recently became the world’s first process management vendor to be selected for two Aragon Research Hot Vendor™ awards. Aragon Research named Signavio as a 2018 Hot Vendor™ in Customer Journey Mapping.

[1] Aragon Research. Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Customer Journey Mapping, 2019 by Jim Sinur and Jim Lundy.  January 2019.

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