Transformation and digitalization of the public sector is a top priority at all levels of US government. From the White House’s US Digital Service down to municipalities, the public sector must be proactive in creating its future.

Faced with a growing burden from aging populations, plus rising pension and healthcare costs, both national and local governments are under pressure to do more with less. They must consistently make the right decisions and optimize resources to manage long term, structural challenges.

The public sector makes up a large chunk of national economies, therefore performance improvements can have significant effects on overall economic performance (as well as the successful delivery of health, education, and other social services).

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline, technique and tool making it possible to deliver transparent and efficient systems that effectively service communities.

Public sector process management enables:

  • Alignment of policy and strategy with its operational execution
  • Increased transparency and oversight for accountability
  • Continuous improvement of services provided, increasing quality and reducing costs
  • Quicker responses to policy changes and unplanned events

Creating transparent, streamlined processes better aligns central and local governmental priorities and objectives. This in turn allows for enhanced management of risk and change, ultimately leading to improved performance and lower costs.

The Signavio Process Editor goes beyond traditional process management, supporting public sector organizations on their business transformation journeys with software people love to use. When using a system is easy and intuitive, gaining buy-in for change and improvement initiatives happens naturally. But it doesn’t stop at BPM. Signavio supports a framework for better decision making through the Signavio Decision Manager and process execution through Signavio Workflow.

All together, the Signavio platform is a fundamental building block in the creation of more efficient, effective, and user-friendly governments of the future.

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