Signavio Process Governance 3.81 (SaaS)


General Notice

As stated in the release notes for version 3.78, the development team is still working on improving overall workflow editor performance. These efforts might temporarily impact editor performance or cause issues such as shapes moving while modeling. This topic currently has the highest priority, and will likely take some more time to resolve.

Fixed Bugs


  • For some processes, the sequence flows could have been disarranged. As the initial bug is now fixed, the problem should no longer occur. If a process was affected by this issue, and the transitions are still misaligned, you can do one of the following:

    • Restore the latest published version of your process. Keep in mind that changes made to the processes that were not published yet, won’t be adopted.
    • In minor cases, you can align the the sequence flows manually.
  • When a user left the organization and a replacement user was selected, this replacement user did not have full access to cases.
  • JavaScript task configuration could not be opened for imported processes.
  • The visualization in reports was missing if “Group” was used in combination with “Sum”.
  • Reused fields in a Multi-user task could not be deleted from the form.
  • When the selected process was changed in a report, default columns were added to the results table.
  • The process could not be changed in a report, when a filter condition was already set.
  • No action type could be changed to "Sub-process".
  • After copying a process, you were not able to rename actions in the copied version.
  • It was not possible to open imported or copied processes.
  • Email addresses were not validated correctly if set to a variable in a JavaScript task.
  • In some cases, actions or sequence flows were deleted, but the removal was only visible after reloading the process.
  • When a document was created within the process it was not possible to use the file.