Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 10.11.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Platform

  • We added a help menu to the Collaboration Portal with links to the user guide, our e-learning platform, interesting whitepapers, our Applied BPM and BDM blog and our YouTube page. In the workspace configuration settings, you can add your own links to the menu and deactivate default links. The new links are also available in the Explorer’s help menu. Note that in the Explorer, we removed the link to the PDF version of our user guide, so users are more likely to use the reader-friendly HTML-version. In the menu of the HTML user guide, you still find a link to the PDF.
  • The SharePoint Web Part download dialog now allows you to test your Web Part configuration before you generate and download it.
  • The Visio importer now supports .vdx, .vsd and  .vsdx formats.
  • The Collaboration Portal loads large diagrams faster.
  • In the Collaboration Portal, long model names that don’t fit the page width are now accessible as Tool Tips when hovering over the shortened diagram name.
  • When viewing dictionary items in the Collaboration Portal, the ‘Linking diagrams’ section is now expanded by default.
  • The system now generates Excel reports faster.
  • The Collaboration Portal can now be integrated with Sharepoint 2016.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Process Editor

  • We improved QuickModel’s design to be visually more appealing and to make using some features more intuitive.
  • The BPMN simulation is now also available for modelers who only have read access to a diagram.
  • The check for BPMN Method and Style conventions now shows warningsin case of missing message flows for message end events and for duplicate end event names.
  • The Explorer menu is now more compact and better organized for ‘approval’ users (who - by design - don’t have editing access to diagrams).
  • The BPMN Simulation now works with message elements (which don't have any impact on simulation semantics).
  • Reusable risks and controls can now be managed in QuickModel (Beta).
  • Managing reusable risks and controls in the Editor is now more intuitive (Beta).
  • Overlays for reusable risks and controls are now also available in the PDF Export (Beta).

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • The decision table editor provides a new batch import dialog that enables users to import content from spreadsheets.
  • The decision table editor supports the conversion from a text column to an enum column. After switching the column type to enum, the user will be asked whether the enum type should adopt the values found in the column.
  • The expression editor provides additional auto-complete information. When users define the arguments of a function call, the Tool Tips show details about the type of the expected parameters as well as available overloads.

Fixed Bugs

  • The RACI responsibility assignment doesn’t work if it is applied to tasks with identical labels.
  • In the Collaboration Portal, dictionary attributes aren’t displayed if the element name does not match the name of the referencing dictionary item or if the dictionary attribute name contains specific special characters.
  • The search does not find custom attribute dropdown values containing the character ‘-’.
  • In the workspace administration’s user management dialog, all user names are displayed in italic.
  • The search doesn’t find dictionary items that have been imported by the Excel import, if they contain special characters.
  • When activating the commenting overlay in the Collaboration Portal, the message ‘No overlay found’ appears even if comments exist.
  • In some cases, when creating dictionary items in the Editor, the pre-selected category does not match the element type.
  • The purchasing dialog contains information that is only relevant for German customers.
  • The ‘Disabled file upload’ configuration option is ignored in the Dictionary.
  • When selecting a non-Euro currency, this currency is not used for cost analysis attributes in the Editor.
  • When a modeler without administration rights invites someone to the Collaboration Portal, the invitation mail contains a wrong link.
  • An outdated Collaboration Portal certificate is attached to the “Invite to Collaboration Portal” mail.
  • The process characteristics Excel report configuration doesn’t always include the correct element subset.
  • Values of dropdown attributes are displayed incorrectly in the risks & controls Excel report.
  • The risks & controls report doesn’t handle special characters in Excel spreadsheet names correctly.
  • When closing organization charts and value chain diagrams in the Editor, sometimes a warning about unsaved changes appears even though no changes were made.
  • The overlay for risks & controls does not work in the commenting view.