Cloud Native Technology Makes Process Management Better

Written by Lucas de Boer | 3 min read
Published on: September 11th 2018 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020
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More access, faster speeds, lower costs, bigger scale, less maintenance: How Signavio cloud native technology enhances process management for your business.

Democratizing process mining using cloud native technology

Over recent years, process mining has matured and gained significant credibility in the business community. As a result, we are now at an inflection point: Businesses are increasingly questioning the usefulness of on-premise solutions, which by their very nature require high initial set-up costs, while also being limited to a few ‘expert’ users. In contrast, cloud native technology offers a chance for process mining to move beyond this limitation and achieve mass adoption.

Signavio has analyzed this opportunity in a new publication, Power to the People. It examines the power of cloud native technology to turn process mining from a technology for the few, into a tool for the many—in other words, the full democratization of process mining.

Touching on the history of process modeling, the importance of collaboration, and the ongoing evolution of process mining, the resource serves as an introduction into the overall impact and potential of a cloud native approach to process mining. For a more detailed examination of the practical benefits of using cloud native technology in your own organization, and the way you can move beyond standalone process mining, just read on!

Benefits of cloud native technology

Cloud native technology has several fundamental advantages over a traditional on-premise business process management solutions, from a technical, operational, and human resources perspective.


Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud native applications allow you to share insights from your operations with not just one or two ‘experts’, but instead your entire organization. This is ‘democracy in action’, helping you leverage the wisdom of the crowd and make better decisions faster, by incorporating knowledge from across your whole team. Accessibility can also be of the more pragmatic variety—accessing your cloud-based tool via the web means you can work on the go, even from your phone or tablet.


With no data restrictions, cloud native process mining solutions can cope with whatever amount of data, based on your organization’s requirements. This removes the need for any caps on the amount of information processed, and therefore increases the speed with which you can start acting on your insights.

Cloud native also means a more reliable and faster system, as the cloud provider takes care of running the system at maximum speed and uptime, meaning you don’t have to make room for yet another application in your operating environment. The nature of a cloud solution also means you won’t face any lengthy waiting times for IT infrastructure to be available, meaning you can get started with your process mining even quicker.


A cloud native solution offers the peace of mind that comes with a single total cost of ownership, meaning no hardware costs, no additional software license costs, no setup costs, and no operating costs. By contrast, an on-premise solution could mean the day-to-day running and operational costs of IT infrastructure would be your responsibility, not to mention the initial set-up costs. Any improvements or changes to the solution could also mean you’d be on the hook for additional investment further down the line.


Cloud-based solutions have the capacity to scale with you as your organization grows, and can be provided for just a few users, or for an enterprise-wide deployment, without any additional IT overheads or impact on performance. This ensures you can provide access to all relevant users, whenever you need it.


With no server software to install or configure, there are no IT dependencies for cloud-based solutions. In most instances, software updates and maintenance will also be taken care of by your SaaS provider, meaning you will always have the latest version of the software and the new exciting features that may involve. Ongoing monitoring and tech support are a further plus, meaning you can get on with the job of optimizing your processes without worrying about the way your solution is working.

Becoming cloud native

If you’d like to take advantage of these benefits in your own organization, sign up for a free 30-day trial with Signavio today. Or, if you’d like to investigate further, visit our information page and discover BPM in the cloud with Signavio.

Published on: September 11th 2018 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020