Discover BPM in the cloud with Signavio

Our software solution is available on-premise as well as in a secure cloud service. But what exactly is BPM in the cloud and what are the benefits?

Cloud applications, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), are hosted on the software provider’s servers and allow for more efficient deployments with reduced spending on technology infrastructure.

More and more companies are taking advantage of this service and storing data in remote locations and streamlining processes. Popular cloud service providers include Salesforce and Google.

Your benefits from BPM in the Cloud

Business process management solutions are racing to be cloud-based providers. Our users enjoy a highly professional web interface and efficient implementation. Rather than painstakingly vetting new software to embed in your IT

landscape, and upgrading old or purchasing new hardware to meet the software’s requirements, document business processes in your web browser by simply logging into a secure server. Access your processes from anywhere with Signavio BPM.

BPM in the cloud with multiple functions

The SaaS version can be accessed from anywhere with access to the internet, even on mobile devices. Our cloud solution offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of functions that you never have to manually updating. Signavio will do the IT management for you. Simply enjoy new features while we maintain the system.

Even as a cloud solution, the SAP Signavio Process Manager offers full functionality. Processes can also be exported and stored in legacy databases like SharePoint for example. With BPM in the cloud, you can dedicate more focus to optimizing your processes from the very beginning.

Signavio is the smart BPM cloud solution for everyone

In addition to helping you create a comprehensive process landscape, our cloud BPM solution offers process transparency for the entire organization. BPM in the cloud with Signavio offers much more than just a convenient

service and a flexible access. Try the SAP Signavio Process Manager 30 days for free and experience firsthand benefits using the intuitive BPM tool! Signavio helps you realize your BPM strategy and promotes the holistic view of processes in your company. Signavio offers business process improvement for the entire organization!